It Is Only The Owl Whooo Knows Tea

Tea is (often) caffeinated. Owl are nocturnal. Coincidence? Clearly the Tovolo Owl Tea Infuser doesn’t think so. The little guy is made of silicone and holds loose leaf tea and can be filled easily via its removable base. Other tea infusers in the set include a pig, a sheep, an anchor and a gingerbread man.… Continue reading It Is Only The Owl Whooo Knows Tea

Pressed For Tea? Press Your Own

There are a great deal of options available to any on-the-go caffeine aficionado. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the right choice is always available. More so than any other group of people, coffee and tea-drinkers know exactly how they take it, and their preferred option simply isn’t always available. For tea-drinkers, if this happens more often… Continue reading Pressed For Tea? Press Your Own

Big Ice For Big Drinks

There’s no reason disrespect a tall glass filled with a refreshing beverage by adding just any ordinary ice cube. At least not when it’s this easy to super-size it. The Tovolo King Cube Extra Large Silicone Ice Cube Tray produces extra-large ice cubes perfect for honoring your favorite beverage. The large two-inch receptacles are great… Continue reading Big Ice For Big Drinks