It’s not magic, it’s Sushi Magic!

Sushi Magic Kit

It can take years to be properly trained as a sushi chef. Or, with the help of a little magic, it can take minutes. Promising to “put the ‘U’ in sushi” (um, eww), Sushi Magic offers fresh-fish lovers an easy-to-use kit that gives everyone the ability to make sushi at home. The kit contains a mold for making nigiri sushi, and a non-stick silicone mat for creating rolls. Included is a ‘sushi handbook’, which includes tips for selecting sushi-grade fish, and cooking sushi rice.

The nigiri mold may or may not be overkill, but the roller definitely has potential. Normally, a bamboo mat covered with plastic-wrap is used to create sushi rolls; this traditional method takes some getting used to. The roller mat mimics this arrangement and adds easy-to-grasp handles and a berm to hold the roll in place as it’s released.

The Sushi Magic Kit is available for $29.95, making it a tempting gift to get for the impatient sushi lover in your life.

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