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Pace Your Hot Dog Eating And Remember The Buns

Knox Hot Dog Steamer with 2 Bun Warmers

There comes a time in every hot dog’s existence that it comes time to be eaten. Some enjoy a long, extended life, perpetually spinning on some Kwik-E-Mart hot dog rack. Others succumb to a fate where existence ends in a blink of an eye. Or, more specifically, the blink of hot dog eating contest champion Joey Chestnut’s eyes. Last year, the man ate 61 hot dogs and he holds the record for eating 69 hot dogs. He has won eight years in a row. That’s a lot of hot dogs!

It’s probably not a good idea to try to keep pace this Fourth of July — and I doubt many of you have 70 hot dogs for each person hanging out in the fridge — but there is a benefit (actually many) to eating hot dogs the good old fashioned way: hot dog buns!

Th Knox Hot Dog Steamer with 2 Bun Warmers is a home hot dog maker that also warms hot dog buns. The funny-looking kitchen gadget cooks a batch of six hot dogs in about eight minutes. That’s not fast enough to keep up with our nation’s hot dog champs, but consider that a good thing!

What?! They eat the buns too in these contests? Insanity. Please ignore the above and instead pretend there is a joke about cooking six hot dogs for only two buns.

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Kitchen Upgrade: Steam-O-Matic Hot Dog Steamer

Smart Planet HDS1 Steam-O-Matic Red Hot Dog Steamer

Do you have a kitchen? Does it have drawers in it? Of course it does. Do those drawers have hot dogs in them? Probably not. But they could.

The Smart Planet HDS1 Steam-O-Matic Red Hot Dog Steamer upgrades the contents of kitchen drawers from boring old utensils to exciting and delicious steamed hot dogs. The appliance lives on the kitchen counter and requires only a twist of the on/off dial to operate. Fill with water, wieners and buns and within five minutes you could be chowing down on a delicious hot dog.

Who ever said kitchen remodeling had to be a lengthy process? Five minutes is more like it!

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Up Up And Steam Away

Ipow 12

Healthy eating can take you to new heights. Little known fact: veggies also happen to be the secret to UFO propulsion.

For proof, observe the folding steamer basket insert shown above. When opened and the veggies are released, the device shoots through the air.

Of course, when the disc-shaped object opens, all the passengers will go flying out, so perhaps this conspiracy theory will require a little work. Good thing it’s the weekend. (Just in time too, considering this post!) TGIF!

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Steemee Wonder Hot Dog Cookware

NO CHEAP RED PLASTIC! 100% Stainless Steel FAST & Tasty! Steam up to 12 Perfect BallPark Hotdogs in 6 Minutes!

Hot dogs are famous for having the capability to be perfectly customized to suit individual tastes. Just think of all the add-ons they have: mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, pickles, mayo, peppers, bacon, chili, more bacon, cheese, catsup, hot sauce, tomato, onion, relish… the list of hot dog toppings goes on and on. However, there is one aspect of the tubular treat that is often overlooked: the bun.

The Steemee Wonder, the multicooker with a lyrical name, is a quick and easy hot dog making contraption. Unlike other hot dog gadgets, this one has no bells and whistles, no fancy colors and works just like regular cookware. In the world of hot dogs, this would be the plain, no topping version. And that’s okay. Even if it is “As Seen On TV.”

The Steemee Wonder -- As Seen On TV

Despite the marketing, this seems pretty legit. Just look at that product title from Amazon:

NO CHEAP RED PLASTIC! 100% Stainless Steel FAST & Tasty! Steam up to 12 Perfect BallPark Hotdogs in 6 Minutes! “When You Gotta Have a Hot Dog Fast!………………….. “You Gotta Have a Steemee Wonder!” The Amazing Multi Cooker Steemee Wonder(tm) 100% Stainless Steel! BallPark Hot Dog Steamer That Can’t Be Topped! Totally Portable(Includes Carrying Bag)! Great for Home SuperBowl Parties/Tailgating! As Seen on TV!……ORDER NOW!

That’s a lot of words! The takeaway though is that it is basically a cooking pot with two steaming inserts and a lid. Boil the hot dogs, steam the buns, and you’re good to go. It’s hard to tell the quality of the stainless steel, but the concept is there.

Yes, you can achieve almost the same result by using a steamer insert with a properly sized cooking pot, but if you do not have said pot and insert, then this might be a solution. It’s a bit pricey of a solution (watch out for that shipping cost), but it is an all-in-one hot dog cooking solution nonetheless. Regardless, after having too many delicious hot dogs with perfectly steamed buns, you can steam up a nice pot of healthy veggies!

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Juice Up The Oven

Moistly Roasted Oven Humidifier

When one thinks “moist”, one normally doesn’t think of the oven. But that’s exactly what Moistly Roasted Oven Humidifier looks to overcome. The slim pan measures 19.5-inches by 14.75 inches, but most importantly measures .75-inches tall. Why is that important? Because the enclosed interior is where one would pour juice, wine, beer, or even plain ol’ water so as to add moisture to the oven while cooking.

Thanks to four steam vents that release steam into the oven, the accessory provides an interesting way to add flavor to foods. Designed primarily for turkey, roasts and the like, the flavor-enhancing pan is designed to provide tender and moist results without the need to baste the food. One large vent assures easy refilling during the cooking process, so just remember to pace yourself.

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Good idea for veggies is full of holes

Skillet Steamer

Steamed veggies are great, but the one problem they have is that they require steam. The fastest, simplest way to achieve this is to boil water. In a pot with a steam basket. In a pot that happens to be dirty. Oh well, leftover pizza sounds good too.

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