Wine Drinking Fish

It should come as no surprise that fishing and drinking are two activities that go well together. But fish and drinking? As in drinking fish? Sure, why not? They seem to like liquids. It is certainly the case with the River’s Edge Realistic Bass Fish Wine Bottle Holder. The hand-painted polyresin wine holder props up… Continue reading Wine Drinking Fish

It’s not magic, it’s Sushi Magic!

It can take years to be properly trained as a sushi chef. Or, with the help of a little magic, it can take minutes. Promising to “put the ‘U’ in sushi” (um, eww), Sushi Magic offers fresh-fish lovers an easy-to-use kit that gives everyone the ability to make sushi at home. The kit contains a… Continue reading It’s not magic, it’s Sushi Magic!

Fish and lemon cocktail?

While to some it may be somewhat disconcerting to have a fish spit in their drink, others apparently find the prospect quite appetizing. If you’re using the (Fish) Lemon Squeezer and you find your Lemon Drop cocktail a bit fishy tasting, well, I think you know what to blame. Of course, there’s no actual fish… Continue reading Fish and lemon cocktail?