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Hottest Pepper Kit: No Green Thumb Required

Grow Your Own World's Hottest Pepper Kit

Hot pepper fanatics will often go to great lengths to fuel their obsession. As they eat their way up the Scoville scale they climb into ever-higher heat territory with each new pepper variety offering more of a kick than the last. There is only one way such a devotion to all things hot can end up: at the top of the scale.

The Grow Your Own World’s Hottest Pepper kit offers an easy way for the capsaicin-addicted to achieve new heights for their endorphin rush. Just pop open the kit, add water and sunlight and soon your very own Naga jolokia (aka: Bhut jolokia or ghost chili) will be sprouting up, offering its temptation to all those brave enough to try. And of course, if the obsession ever gets out of hand, you can always nip it in the bud.

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Safe To Touch After Handling: Chili Grinder

Alessi Piccantino Chilli Cruncher designed by Jim Hannon-Tan

Nuclear-hot red chili peppers add a decisive kick to what could be an otherwise boring meal. However it’s exactly the fact that they are so damn hot that can make them too hot to handle. Literally. Releasing endorphins is great and all, but it doesn’t count if they’re triggered via hot pepper in the eye. The same volatile oil that can make eating hot pepper so enjoyable, is the same one that can stick to the fingers and end up in the most unwelcome of places.

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Fire-roasted stuffed peppers on the grill

Chile Pepper Grill Rack

Just look at that picture. Doesn’t that look crazy delicious? Those loaded peppers would certainly look great on my grill. Just imagine a few juicy burgers cooking alongside this Chile Pepper Grill Rack. Now that it’s grillin’ season, it’s time to consider the deliciousness that is to come in the months ahead. From the looks of this grill gadget, I believe roasted peppers deserve to be included in every single grill session to come.

The stainless-steel Pepper Rack holds 18 peppers and is dishwasher-safe. The rack measures 10-inches by 4.75-inches, and holds the peppers at a height of 2-inches. It will cost you twenty bucks to get your hands on this accessory, which is a small price to pay considering how hard it is to stand a dozen and a half peppers on end.

March 31, 2009   2 Comments