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Duck Duck Kitchen Timer

Alessi Duck Electronic Kitchen Timer

Which one of these is not like the other? The question, of course, is a trick: they are both like each other. But don’t worry, if you get the Alessi Duck Electronic Kitchen Timer mixed up with the real thing, the duck will let you know!

April 30, 2013   No Comments

Safe To Touch After Handling: Chili Grinder

Alessi Piccantino Chilli Cruncher designed by Jim Hannon-Tan

Nuclear-hot red chili peppers add a decisive kick to what could be an otherwise boring meal. However it’s exactly the fact that they are so damn hot that can make them too hot to handle. Literally. Releasing endorphins is great and all, but it doesn’t count if they’re triggered via hot pepper in the eye. The same volatile oil that can make eating hot pepper so enjoyable, is the same one that can stick to the fingers and end up in the most unwelcome of places.

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February 25, 2010   No Comments

Lily Bird Soy Sauce Bowl has something to say

Lily Bird Soy Sauce Bowl by Alessi

This bird-shaped soy sauce bowl carries an important message: Tweet! That’s right, now you too can follow BTKS on Twitter. See that fancy new link on the left? That will take you right there.

Meanwhile, while you are here, check out this Lily Bird Soy Sauce Bowl by Alessi. Made of fine bone china, the 4-inch by 2-inch sauce bowl will add a unique charm to your table. But don’t worry, once you set this little bird down to dinner, he won’t make a peep.

August 27, 2009   1 Comment

See no evil, hear no evil, taste no wine


These three little wise monkeys may have an aversion to wine, but perhaps they are just watching over it for you. In fact, that’s exactly what these Banana Kids Wine Stoppers by Alessi are meant to do. Some may consider them to be turning a blind eye towards your imbibitions, and perhaps that’s not too bad of an idea. As the saying goes: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. If you’re using these wine stoppers to save a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, then these monkeys are wise indeed.

July 1, 2009   No Comments