Chocolate Chilli Mustard

There is always room in the fridge for one more condiment. And if that one more condiment happens to be a mustard/chocolate/chili flake combination, well, then perhaps it’s time to clean out the fridge. Clearly, Uncle Roy’s Chocolate Chilli Mustard is the last condiment you will ever need. (Via Cool Material)

Your $25,000 Sandwich

Got a sandwich that doesn’t mess around? (Actually being messy is probably okay, though.) Mezzetta, the pepper and olive people are sponsoring a recipe contest calling for killer sandwiches. Considering that peppers are most likely to be involved, these look to be some flavorful entries for sure. Click through to read the whole press release,… Continue reading Your $25,000 Sandwich

Wanna Go To Albuquerque?

A lot of people go on vacation to a specific area in order to experience the cuisine of that region. If Albuquerque is on your list, here’s a chance to go for free! Doesn’t that bowl above look tasty? Yum.

Hottest Pepper Kit: No Green Thumb Required

Hot pepper fanatics will often go to great lengths to fuel their obsession. As they eat their way up the Scoville scale they climb into ever-higher heat territory with each new pepper variety offering more of a kick than the last. There is only one way such a devotion to all things hot can end… Continue reading Hottest Pepper Kit: No Green Thumb Required

Stuff-It-Up Pan For Stuffed Peppers

Kind of like a burrito (at least a San Francisco burrito), but wrapped in a pepper instead of a tortilla, stuffed peppers provide an amalgamation of ingredients that become something more when placed together. Rice, meat, spices, cheese, tomato (or salsa): put it all together in a pepper and you have a complete meal. Top… Continue reading Stuff-It-Up Pan For Stuffed Peppers