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Rice Cube Squared

Rice Cube

Rice goes with everything. The plain white grain (okay, okay; brown too) can be used in dishes originating from anywhere across the globe. But that doesn’t mean it has to stick to being mounded together into a hemisphere. In fact, for those seeking to mold rice into cubes, there exists at least two choices.

Above, the Rice Cube is a fun geometrical puzzle that comes together to make rice cubes. Below, the Kotobuki Mini Cube Rice Mold gives rice fans a similar option.

Either way, use the rice molds to transform rice into whimsical cubes that can be used for sushi or whatever else one can dream up. Or stack up as the case may be.

Kotobuki Mini Cube Rice Mold

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Star Wars Sushi

Star Wars Sushi by Japanese sushi chef, oki.

Star Wars Sushi by Japanese sushi chef, oki.

George Lucas is well known for capitalizing on the merchandising of his movie franchise, Star Wars. For those that think that he left no stone unturned in milking it for all it is worth, behold: Star Wars sushi! Not an officially-licensed product (yet), the creations by oki, a Japanese sushi chef blogging over at blogspot, are well done. Be sure to click the link above and check out his “Darth Vader Roll” as well as his “Carrot Darth Vader” from the source link below. The darkside never looked so delicious.

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Peeps Sushi. Wait. Peeps Sushi?

PEEPS(R) YUM YUM PLATTER...Roll into something new this Easter - create fun sushi shapes with your favorite PEEPS(R)! Visit for more delicious recipes or to submit your own! (PRNewsFoto/Just Born, Inc.)

It won’t take years of practice as a sushi apprentice to learn how to make this type of sushi. Using Rice Krispies Treats as the rice and candy and Peeps as the fish, the familiar shapes of sushi can be represented as sweet-to-eat treats. You’ll never look at Mike and Ikes or Hot Tamales the same way again. Peeps however, always did seem to have a fishy existence, so using them as sushi somehow seems appropriate.

Read on for how to make your own Peeps sushi. Makes a good activity for the kids.

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Sticking Sushi On The Fridge

DCI Gifts Mini Sushi Magnets

How do you tell when sushi is done? Well, if it weren’t a trick question, one might take the spaghetti approach and throw a piece at the fridge to see if it sticks. In the case of the DCI Gifts Mini Sushi Magnets, it would. While that method may be tried and true, as any college kid will tell you, the test spaghetti doesn’t always make it off the wall and into the trash. Modern art has to start somewhere. But anyways, back to the fish: sold as a set of ten, the refrigerator magnets offer all of the fun of having fish stuck on the fridge, but without any of the associated smell.

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Sushi Rice Now With More Fun

Inomata Sushi Mold Rice Ball Maker

Plain white rice can be so… plain. While that can be good for everything from digestion to how awesome it works with practically any other ingredient, it’s how it’s served that could use a little sprucing up. Especially when we’re talking about exceedingly cute hearts, stars and bears.

The Inomata Sushi Mold Rice Ball Maker transforms everyday boring sushi into exciting fun-shaped sushi you can play with. Place rice into the mold, cover, press and then push it out—your fish won’t know what hit it. Although that salmon nigiri might have an inkling when it sees that bear coming at it.

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It’s not magic, it’s Sushi Magic!

Sushi Magic Kit

It can take years to be properly trained as a sushi chef. Or, with the help of a little magic, it can take minutes. Promising to “put the ‘U’ in sushi” (um, eww), Sushi Magic offers fresh-fish lovers an easy-to-use kit that gives everyone the ability to make sushi at home. The kit contains a mold for making nigiri sushi, and a non-stick silicone mat for creating rolls. Included is a ‘sushi handbook’, which includes tips for selecting sushi-grade fish, and cooking sushi rice.

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