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No need to remove the stickers on this Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Mills

Officially licensed by Rubik’s, this spin on the popular puzzle features dimensions that are the exact shape and size of the original time-chewer. However this time the puzzle that has frustrated so many, can be solved by anybody.

The Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Mills are built around a durable ceramic mill for grinding varying sizes of salt rock and peppercorns. The pepper mill has the red side on top, while the salt mill is easily distinguished from the two by its white top. Just place over food and twist the top row. No longer do you need to grind it out to find a solution, because these little cubes do all the grinding. There are only four possible combinations, so you have a pretty good chance of being able to finally solve the Cube!

Via Coolest Gadgets

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Slice by Karim — ceramic kitchen tools for cutting, grating and peeling

slice by Karim

Jazz up your kitchen gadget collection with the set of everyday tools from Slice. Designed by Karim Rashid, the set includes (from left to right), precision cutter, a grater, a vegetable peeler and a y-peeler.

Beyond the classy styling, these tools all utilize ceramic technology as opposed to traditional stainless steel. The ceramic blades used in the peelers and precision cutter stay sharp and have the added bonus of never rusting. The grater uses rows of ceramic teeth as opposed to stainless steel holes, so unlike a traditional microplane or grater, food particles will not get stuck in hard to clean places.

The entire collection is dishwasher safe and affordable at $14.99 for the grater and peelers, and $6.99 for the precision cutter.

Via Notcot

UPDATE 7/6/12: Looks like the link above no longer works, but you can still check out the Slice by Karim kitchen tools collection. (Beware though, they seem to be getting low ratings!)

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Clean and simple salad bowl

Artland Simplicity Cylinder 9″ Glass Salad Bowl

Sometimes it’s nice to keep things simple. This Artland Simplicity Cylinder 9″ Glass Salad Bowl does just that. Perfect for serving a crisp and clean salad, the glass bowl lets the salad itself shine through.

With a nine-inch diameter, and a modern cylindrical shape, the salad bowl is well suited for a variety of occasions. Any salad, at any time, will look great served from this sleek and simple bowl.

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Salad Hands for Edward — and the rest of us too


The secret to any salad is to make sure that the dressing is well incorporated. The best way to do that is get your hands dirty. Your Salad Hands, that is.

Bad puns aside, these Salad Hands certainly seem a ‘handy’ (sorry) way to toss and serve pasta or salad. They come as a set of two, and are available in four different bright and cheerful colors. The non-slip grip fits right into the palm of your hand, helping you to add a splash of fun to any salad… or possibly any nearby hedges.

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Write-on mug, coffee right out


Does graphite wash away in the dishwasher? I may finally find out the answer to that, because I know I’m not going to be trying to erase my to-do list as I work my way through my day. At least not any list I write on this Write-On Glassware Mug. I have spilled way too much hot coffee over the years to go trying any fancy tricks when it comes to drinking my morning brew. Best to leave my note-making skills confined to flat, horizontal surfaces.
Via Gizmodo

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Pig shaped baker


Looking for a unique earthenware baking dish? The Pomaireware Pig Shaped Baker might be just for you. Handmade by the people of Pomaire, Chile, the distinctive baker looks as good on the table as it does in the oven. Suited for use on an electric stovetop, microwave or 450-degree oven, the dish is perfect for a variety of meals. From paella to casseroles, this little piggy cookware has you covered… except for the fact that I can’t help noticing that he has no back. Anyways, I’m sure a roast beef would look quite good in the belly of this little piggy.

***UPDATE 10/7/13***
The link above ran wee, wee, wee all the way home. In other words, it doesn’t work any longer. But check out this little piggy: Pomaireware Clay Pig Shaped Soup Serving Dish

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