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What Is It?


Hint: The incredible, inedible part of the egg is not all there.

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Catch And Release Yolk Fish

Silicone YolkFish Squeeze Fish Lips Swallow Release Egg Separator Cooking and Baking Tool Yolk Fish by Peleg Design

Whoever said imitation is the highest form of flattery wasn’t living in the digital age. As soon as the Quirky Pluck Yolk Extractor showed up on the crowdsourcing site, the copycats got in on the action. Now there are tons of yolk tools available. (Here’s what a yolk search in the Home & Kitchen department on Amazon will get you.) While the original yolk extracting design was elegant in its simplicity, it lacked any pizzazz. And it looked nothing like a fish.

While the original idea for the egg gadget was clever, the Silicone YolkFish Squeeze Fish Lips Swallow Release Egg Separator Cooking and Baking Tool by Peleg Design takes it (and its product title) one step further. The idea of using a fish to fish for egg yolks is certainly cute and the egg separator does offer a fun whimsical shape, but at the price they are asking for it, the thing might as well be shaped like a cash cow — at least until the next thing wanders or swims along.

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How Rocky Drinks Tea

Egg Tea Infuser by Decodyne

You know that scene in Rocky when Sylvester Stallone drinks the raw eggs? Sure you do. If not, you can be reminded of it below. (Ewww… salmonella). I’m not sure if that’s what the makers of the Decodyne Egg Tea Infuser had in mind when they designed this tea steeper, but that’s what it looks like. But remember, tea is much darker than raw egg protein slurry that Rocky drank — so you don’t have to look at the egg while drinking it!

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Easter Mustache Egg Decal Tattoos

Easter Mustache Egg Decal Tattoos

There are certain things one associates with Easter. The Easter Bunny obviously. And of course, eggs. And now, mustaches. Because mustache. That’s why.

Proving that is never too early to grow a ‘stache, Williams Sonoma is giving the world Easter Mustache Tattoos just in time for… well, just in time for any time honestly.

The mustache decals come in four different styles and are meant to be used directly on dyed eggs. Just peel the backing and transfer the ‘stache from sheet to egg. The Easter Bunny has never been so stylish!

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Egg Run Holder

Egg Run Holder from Williams-Sonoma

Did you know that eggs come from chickens (mostly) and not just cardboard packaging? Yeah, me neither. But apparently, those little devils are laid and then collected, eventually coming to market. And here all this time I thought they were produced in the Cadbury factory!

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August 23, 2013   1 Comment

Chicken Feet Egg Cup

Chicken Feet Egg Cup by BIA Cordon Bleu

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side, of course. Or, if the Chicken Feet Egg Cup with Yellow Feet is involved, the answer is because the chicken couldn’t see where it was going! (Or for that matter, that its feet were duck feet.)

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