Domo Toaster

Butter, jam and sandwich meats in general should be very afraid. Here comes the Domo Toaster! But perhaps more frightening is wondering what took a bite out of the slice of Domo toast up there. Somehow, I suspect a certain kitten is involved…

Toaster Hat Looks Toasty

Behold the Toaster Hat by Fox-Blue on DeviantArt! It may not plug in any longer, but I’m guessing you still don’t want to wear this cowboy hat in the rain. Or the sun. Especially the sun, considering the metal construction and all. Still, nice hat! Perfect for indoor kitchen appliance rodeos. (Via Nerdalicious)

Old-Timey Toast With The Genuine Pyramid Toaster

The Jacob Bromwell Original Genuine Pyramid Toaster is old. As in old-timey charm, that is. The camping contrivance is designed to be placed over an open fire and holds a couple of slices of bread at a time. Within a few moments, the device turns out nicely-browned toast, quickly and easily–no extension cords required.

Obama Toaster

Finally! Something both sides of the political spectrum can agree upon. The Burnt Impressions Obama Toaster. The left gets to see the leader of the free world immortalized on toast, while the right gets to make jokes about the president being toasted in the polls. And then everybody gets to eat toast! See? Politics is… Continue reading Obama Toaster

Sad Toast

Seriously, the Chargers have a stupid logo. Especially considering how they have been playing. But fear not, sports fans: There are 31 other NFL Protoast Toasters to choose from! But if for some reason you insist on being a Chargers fan, it should be noted that the above image was manipulated and the official Chargers… Continue reading Sad Toast