A Crown Of Potato Chips For The Microwave

You want to eat potato chips and look good doing it, don’cha? Sure you do. And if not, the above potato chip maker/edible crown arrangement also makes fruit crisps. Just use the included slice-O-matic and pop the Ronco Chip-Tastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker into the microwave. Your great fashion sense will reward your waistline. Plus,… Continue reading A Crown Of Potato Chips For The Microwave

One More Cup Of (Microwave) Coffee

Sometimes a pot of coffee isn’t enough. Problem is, coffee drinkers don’t really know that until they have hit the last drop. At that point a jittery conundrum reveals itself: make another pot or just do without? (Or run to the corner café.) Easing the decision-making process is the One Cup Microwave Coffee Maker. Just… Continue reading One More Cup Of (Microwave) Coffee

eCoupled Creates Packaging That Cooks

A few years ago I witnessed an eCoupled presentation of wireless power. While the underlying tech is nothing new, the execution is probably miles away from what Nikola Tesla imagined. For example, news coming out of CES 2011… food that cooks directly in the packaging… and no, not in a microwave.

Safety First Applies Even To Microwave Bowls

Piping hot food straight from the microwave usually means piping hot dishware. Pop a bowl of soup in the mic, and when it’s done, the bowl could be too hot to touch. Solving this dilemma is the Cool Touch Micro Bowl. The three-piece design consists of a 17-ounce ceramic bowl and a finger-protecting plastic outer… Continue reading Safety First Applies Even To Microwave Bowls