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Nordic Ware Basting Cover

Nordic Ware Basting Cover

The delicate dance of melting cheese on top of a hamburger on the grill can sometimes get messy. Messy in a good way. Except when the cheese doesn’t melt all the way through turning instead into a semi-solid glob of yellow-orange not-so-goodness. One could leave the cheeseburger on for longer, but not without risking it becoming overdone. Ah, but there is a solution to get all that melty goodness without turning that burger into a hockey puck. Put a lid on it.

Since it is probably a good idea to use something that can stand up to the heat of an open flame, the all-metal construction of the Nordic Ware Basting Cover would do the trick. Or you can do it like they do down in the French Quarter of New Orleans and use a hub cap instead. But then again, considering the price of car parts in general, perhaps this would be a more economical way to melt the cheese — leaving lots of money leftover to replenish the hockey puck supply with the real thing.

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Protective Glass Guard For Big 12 Hot Dog Roller

Protective Glass Guard for Hot Dog Roller - 12 Hot Dog Size

No home kitchen can be complete without a Protective Glass Guard for the 12 Hot Dog Size Hot Dog Roller. Just click through to see for yourself. But beware, it is as unpleasant as ketchup on a hot dog!

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Cat Vacuum Cleaner Cover

Cat Vacuum Cleaner Cover by Collections Etc



Hey, why not? It’s Caturday.

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Give Your Stove That Old-Timey Look


Kitchen countertops have a tendency to become cluttered quite quickly. Not only are they used for all manner of kitchen appliances and gadgets, but also as a work area to actually prepare meals. Often the flurry of prep work takes us to a point where we gaze longingly at the stove, not because of the food it may soon deliver, but because of all that unused space. Usually it’s a bad idea to go stacking things on the stovetop, but with this set of two Vintage Embossed Silver Metal Burner Covers the stovetop can be transformed into a nice flat surface, perfect for working with teacakes and mincemeat pies.

***UPDATE 8/19/2013***
The link above is now updated for VINTAGE EMBOSSED METAL BURNER COVERS – SILVER (SET OF 2).

And if the copper ones strike your fancy, just click here: VINTAGE EMBOSSED METAL BURNER COVERS – COPPER (SET OF 2).

Presto chango!

***UPDATE 4/7/2014***

Turns out these things are also found under the name ‘burner kovers.’ So, while not exactly the same, these Range Kleen 5058 Burner Kovers Round Ivy Embossed Silver might help as a starting point to those is search of burner covers, err… kovers. (Also available in white.)

Above is a round set of four, so for those looking for a set of two metal rectangular burner covers (or kovers, whatever…) this DECORATIVE WOOD-TONE METAL BURNER COVERS – OAK (SET OF 2) still fits the bill. And the stovetop. No matter how you spell it.

Happy hunting!

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Keep your kitchen appliances away from prying eyes

Quilted Appliance Cover

For every appliance there is an anti-appliance. However, unlike matter and anti-matter, in the kitchen world the two are designed to meet. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they should. However, if you are of the mind that your blender, 2-slice toaster or electric can-opener are in need a quilted cover, check out these Kitchen Appliance Covers.

Available in basic black or natural off-white, these quilted covers keep your unsightly kitchen appliances hidden away from prying eyes. Additional benefits include the ability to protect your appliances from dust, scratches, drips and spills (not to mention use).

Options abound in our world; for every item that is purchasable there is an accessory to go along with it. Like the plastic-lined couches so familiar in living rooms of the past, sometimes things designed to protect simply get in the way. While there seems to be little chance that your can-opener and can-opener cover will face annihilation if ever the two shall meet, you just never know. Best to play it safe and keep those appliances in everyday use.

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