Keep your kitchen appliances away from prying eyes

Quilted Appliance Cover

For every appliance there is an anti-appliance. However, unlike matter and anti-matter, in the kitchen world the two are designed to meet. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they should. However, if you are of the mind that your blender, 2-slice toaster or electric can-opener are in need a quilted cover, check out these Kitchen Appliance Covers.

Available in basic black or natural off-white, these quilted covers keep your unsightly kitchen appliances hidden away from prying eyes. Additional benefits include the ability to protect your appliances from dust, scratches, drips and spills (not to mention use).

Options abound in our world; for every item that is purchasable there is an accessory to go along with it. Like the plastic-lined couches so familiar in living rooms of the past, sometimes things designed to protect simply get in the way. While there seems to be little chance that your can-opener and can-opener cover will face annihilation if ever the two shall meet, you just never know. Best to play it safe and keep those appliances in everyday use.

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