Crinkle Knife Makes Everything Taste Better

Zig Zag Crinkle Fruit & Vegetable Knife

You can’t really go wrong with a good crinkle-cut. Whether it is used for potatoes or carrots, the wavy texture lends another dimension of flavor. Perhaps they should make all food crinkle-cut, but until that time comes, we’ll just have to make do on our own. The Zig Zag Crinkle Fruit & Vegetable Knife is a start. Useful for creating fancy cuts on veggies, fruits and cheeses, the zig zag knife makes it easy to prepare flavorful foods using the same familiar motion as one would with a regular knife. Except this one just makes the food taste better.

***UPDATE 9/22/13***
The link above no longer works, so here is a new link to a Progressus Zig Zag Knife instead. Cheap, effective and the 5-star ratings love it. Crinkle on!

Progressus Zig Zag Knife
Progressus Zig Zag Knife

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