Egg Poacher Cup

This five dollar Egg Poacher Cup could look like a variety of things. Just let your imagination run wild for a moment. For the sake of kitchen gadgets everywhere, let’s just say it looks like a cute, stainless steel animal of some sort. And it’s made of metal and it’s five bucks. There are a… Continue reading Egg Poacher Cup

Let Henrietta Cook The Eggs

Only chickens know when eggs are really ‘done’, and for proof of this just ask Henrietta. The Henrietta Egg Cooker, that is. The novelty kitchen appliance boils hard or soft eggs, and then ‘chirps’ when they are done. Also featuring the ability to poach eggs, this magical hen knows how to make eggs–after all, that’s… Continue reading Let Henrietta Cook The Eggs

Poachpod Wrangles Poached Eggs

Eggs, besides being incredible and edible, are slippery little rascals. Break one open and it rarely stays in one place. No problem when it comes to scrambled eggs, but poaching them requires a little more wrangling. The Fusionbrands Poachpod Stainless Non-Stick Egg Poaching Tool is a good way to make sure your runny eggs don’t… Continue reading Poachpod Wrangles Poached Eggs

One Egg At A Time

Sometimes all you want is one egg. Even the fast food joints haven’t (yet…?) invented the Double Egg McMuffin. There’s a reason Mother Nature made the egg a perfectly reasonable single sized serving. I don’t know what that reason would be as you can’t really make an omelet out of just one egg, but so… Continue reading One Egg At A Time

Little green men prefer poached-egg yellow

No need to be frightened of aliens arriving by this UFO. Tiny and exceedingly cute, this Egg Poacher works in either the microwave or on the stovetop. Simply crack an egg into the reservoir, cover and place in the microwave for easy no-water poached eggs. Alternatively, you can place it in a pot of boiling… Continue reading Little green men prefer poached-egg yellow