Flexible Grill Basket keeps the food out of the fire

Flexible Grill BasketGrill baskets are wonderful things. Designed not only to hold delicate fish (or meats) for grill cooking, but also perfect for keeping small vegetables in place. Nothing quite beats marinated fire-roasted vegetables served with a perfectly cooked piece of fish. Problem is, sometimes without the right equipment it can be difficult to keep the food from falling into the fire.

This Flexible Grill Basket is made from carbon steel and has a non-stick finish. The heavy-duty plastic handle makes flipping a breeze, while the flexible nature of the mesh allows for it to contour around your food. A sliding lock further helps to keep food from slipping out. When it’s all said and done, and your delicious meal is safely on your plate (or in your belly), cleaning up is simply a matter of popping the basket into the dishwasher.

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