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Rack Up Some S’mores On The Grill

Charcoal Companion SS Smores Roasting Rack CC3112

Grilling isn’t just for chicken and hamburgers anymore. Nowadays, there are plenty of grill accessories to help grillers take their cooking to the next level. Sometimes literally.

The Charcoal Companion Smores Roasting Rack is an all-in-one s’more helper that toasts marshmallows, warms graham crackers and melts chocolate. The skewers hold the marshmallows in place while the warming platform takes care of the gooey chocolate.

Considering that grilling burgers, steak, chicken and fish is still the first thing that people think to cook when firing up the grill, chances are, s’mores can take a back seat while the entrees cook. Since fishmallows, chickocolate and burger crackers are rarely on the menu, raising the cooking surface for the sweets seems like a fine idea.

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Jim Beam Grill Basket

Jim Beam Grill Basket

I’m not really sure why Jim Beam’s name is on this Jim Beam Grill Basket, but as long as he brings the flavor, I’m not one to argue. Regardless, the grill accessory is well-suited for corralling small items and delicate foods–especially when hanging out with Jim Beam.

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Go Ahead And Enjoy It: Hot Dog Roller For The Grill

Stainless-Steel Hot Dog Roller -- for use on the grill.

Eternally-spinning hot dogs are quite mesmerizing; they seemingly hover upon a set of rollers, slowly spinning, wafting aroma into the air, beckoning us just to grab a bun and some mustard and dig in. But all too often, those rolling hot dogs don’t live up to expectations. Nothing cleanses like fire, and the Stainless-Steel Hot Dog Roller knows this. Designed for use on the grill, the hand-held hot dog accessory provides a convenient way to accept the siren song calling without suffering a convenience-store fate.

*** UPDATE 6/8/15***
Product link above was outdated and removed, but here is a similar hot dog roller for the grill:

Cuisinart CHDR-225 Hot Dog Roller

Just in time for summer… well, make that anytime. Keep them ‘dogs forever rolling!

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Grill Basket Herb Grilling Grid Gets It

Charcoal Companion Nonstick Herb Grilling Grid

Grill baskets come in all shapes and sizes, designed for everything from fish to burgers. While some of these contraptions are not necessary or even particularly useful, others offer are actually quite convenient. Sometimes, they even enhance the grilling experience.

Designed as a quick and easy way to add depth of flavor to food on the grill, the Charcoal Companion Nonstick Herb Grilling Grid is a grill basket like no other. Measuring 18-inches across and 12-inches deep, the hinged mesh screens clasp shut, securely keeping fresh herbs in place as they infuse your meal with flavor.

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Beer Can Chicken Maker Makes More Than Chicken

Combination Vertical Roaster and Wok for beer can chicken on the grill

Beer can chicken making gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely do they double as anything else. Which is usually fine: the idea is to add a flavoring liquid of your choice (that’s right—gasp—it doesn’t have to be beer) and let it bubble up and permeate the meat while it is cooking. Results are tender, delicious and juicy.

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Burgers In A Grill Basket?

Cuisinart Hamburger Basket

Okay, enough. Grill baskets are great, but when we start making them for hamburgers, well then that’s when it has gone too far. There are those grill grates sitting there after all. Usually. Most of the time. Not always when camping, I guess. Or at a bonfire. And those grates at the park can be kind of nasty, I suppose… All right, you win Cuisinart Hamburger Basket, I take it back. You can exist. Even if it’s just to show that more than just hot dogs and marshmallows can be held over a campfire.

***UPDATE 7/10/15*** Well, looks like Cuisinart got hungry for something else — the product link above was outdated. The good news is they have a basket for grilling more than just burgers now. Now all your food can enjoy the grill with the Cuisinart Simply Grilling Nonstick Grilling Basket.

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