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Sing It While Searing

Gama-Go Sing-a-long Tongs

Just because everybody can sing, doesn’t mean they should. Blame American Idol if you will, but no longer is home-singing relegated to the privacy of the shower. The kitchen invasion is on, and the Gama-Go Sing-a-long Tongs are here to help. The microphone-shaped silicone utensil is dishwasher safe and is sure to strike a chord in the kitchen. Just don’t blame the cooking if everybody goes running.

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Stick A Fork Into The Riddle Of Spaghetti Serving Size

Epicurean Pasta Fork

It is famously difficult to judge the serving size of pasta in a pre-cooked state. The conundrum, delicious as though it may be, is easily solved with a little help from a measuring guide. The Epicurean Gourmet Series Pasta Server Utensil helps to determine serving size of dry spaghetti, linguine or fettuccini by offering three pre-measured guides incorporated directly into the utensil. Put to use as a stirrer and serving spoon while the pasta cooks, and the handy kitchen tool is one all-in-one solution that won’t stretch your noodle.

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Lost In Time With A Programmable Fork

Cuisinart Programmable Digital Temperature Fork

Forks, by and large, are easy to operate, so by that thinking they must be due for a makeover. As fork-users have had it far too easy for far too long, it’s about time they were presented with something of a challenge.

Designed for use on the grill as a thermometer and a timer, the Cuisinart Programmable Digital Temperature Fork takes the guesswork out of grilling meats, poultry and seafood. (Assuming of course one has learned how to use it.) Set the temperature or desired doneness level and let the timer do all the heavy lifting. (Of numbers, that its—the fork still has to do the real lifting.) As for the forkophobes technophobes out there, used to the blinking 12:00 lifestyle, the fork may have a timer, but a clock is not incorporated!

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Dirty Dishes Dangling In The Wind Sounds Good

Dishware Wind Chime

One of the dangers of ordering things off the internet sight unseen is you never really know exactly what is going to be in that package when it arrives on your doorstep. Sometimes you open the box only to be sorely disappointed. It could be because of size or construction quality, or the worst one, where we end up saying, ‘well, I could have just made that myself.’

In the case of the Dishware Wind Chime you know exactly what you’re going to get. It’s a buncha dishes tied together made to rattle around in the wind. Sure you could make this one yourself, but then you’d be hung out to dry (literally) at dinnertime. Besides, who wants to raid their cupboard for a mismatched place setting when you could just order one? (Item #32264)

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Everything Evolves, Even Utensils

Calamente Pasta Fork

Well I always thought it would be primates that rise up against humanity à la Planet of the Apes, but apparently it’s our very own tableware that is set to evolve.

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Prepara Masher Flips For Easy Storage

Prepara Flip Masher

Kitchen clutter has a way of getting into everything. From food products that get shuffled to the back of the pantry, to countertops populated with gadgets and gizmos, kitchens everywhere suffer from the ever-burning question of where to store it all.

The Prepara Flip Masher won’t clean out the junk drawer for you, but it can at least be made thin enough to slide into it. With a mashing head that rotates 90 degrees when the sides are pressed in, the utensil transforms from a bulky, odd-shaped kitchen tool, to one that is easily stored. Sometimes it’s the small victories that count, and at a cost of $19.95, this one has a price to match.

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