Baking Soda Holder Refrigerator Thermometer

Trees that smell good are to cars as baking soda boxes are to refrigerators: every refrigerator has one. Just like the air freshener that dangles from the rear view mirror, an open box of baking soda serves the purpose of deodorizing the surroundings (but just without the weird, chemical smell). Chances are good there is… Continue reading Baking Soda Holder Refrigerator Thermometer

Lost In Time With A Programmable Fork

Forks, by and large, are easy to operate, so by that thinking they must be due for a makeover. As fork-users have had it far too easy for far too long, it’s about time they were presented with something of a challenge. Designed for use on the grill as a thermometer and a timer, the… Continue reading Lost In Time With A Programmable Fork

Grillin’ in the rain

I’m not sure how useful the waterproof feature of this thermometer is but if you are of the type to constantly drop your thermometer into water or beer (oh ok, waterproof makes sense now), then this is the solution you were looking for. The Taylor Weekend Warrior Waterproof Digital Thermometer is an easy-to-use handheld device… Continue reading Grillin’ in the rain