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Guitar Doorbell Or Guitdoorbell? Music Either Way!

The Guitar Doorbell -- Guit Doorbell mounts over door.

Do birds sing when you enter a room? No? Maybe you can settle for a little music to accompany your entrance. The Guitdoorbell is here to help. Hammacher calls it The Guitar Doorbell, but you can call it whatever you like — and tune it to match.

From the Hammacher Schlemmer description:

The included pitch pipe and chord chart are keyed to enable tuning to a chord that fits the day’s mood or a portal’s intended use, whether a major that welcomes expected company, a pensive minor seventh that “guards” a teen’s bedroom, or a complex diminished when anticipating an in-law that often arrives unannounced via a back door.

If you’re in Sacramento you can get it at The Guitar Workshop on 3248 J Street. Who knows what chord will accompany you as you walk through the door?

They say cooking can be like a symphony — install a Guitdoorbell over all the cupboards and find out!

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Cinderella For Pat’s Chili Dogs

Cinderella 1983 commercial for Pat’s Chili Dogs in Philly. Thank you, internet.

When you’re hungry, we’re ready!

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Make Your Wine Sing (In Key)

The Musical Glass

Gliding a finger across the rim of a wine glass can cause it to sing, but what tune? The Musical Glass answers that question. Marked along the side of the glass are measurements that correspond to how much liquid is required for each particular note. Now, instead of producing just a beautiful note floating in the air, a specific beautiful note can be made to float in the air. Forget ounces: music is the new way to measure wine. Fill mine to A-flat please.

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Hard Rock Cafe Panama: Jump!

Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis, First Hard Rock Property in Latin America, Expected to Open December 2011

Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis, First Hard Rock Property in Latin America, Expected to Open December 2011

There’s really only one thing left to say:

Well except for the rest of the press release, which follows…

[

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Lodge Logic Guitar Skillet Made For Heat

Lodge Logic Guitar Skillet

A cast iron skillet is an essential piece of equipment to have in your kitchen arsenal. Especially when it’s an ax. The Lodge Logic LGSK3 Guitar Skillet comes ready-to-use and measures about 10-inches by 5-inches. Which is considerably smaller than a real guitar, which you probably wouldn’t want to cook with anyway. Unless of course you’re Jimi Hendrix.

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Sing It While Searing

Gama-Go Sing-a-long Tongs

Just because everybody can sing, doesn’t mean they should. Blame American Idol if you will, but no longer is home-singing relegated to the privacy of the shower. The kitchen invasion is on, and the Gama-Go Sing-a-long Tongs are here to help. The microphone-shaped silicone utensil is dishwasher safe and is sure to strike a chord in the kitchen. Just don’t blame the cooking if everybody goes running.

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