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There Is No Spoon

No fancy tricks here, just science. Order your own disappearing spoon, but don’t think that’s water you’re drinking. (It’s full of gallium!)

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Measuring Spoons Where You Expect Them To Be

Measuring Spoons & Caddy

Measuring spoons are pesky little kitchen utensils: they are never where you expect them to be and when you do find one, it’s usually the wrong one. Keeping them all attached on a key ring is one way to keep ‘em together—assuming you can find it in the back of the drawer. This set of Measuring Spoons & Caddy keeps the handy utensils always within reach on the countertop. The stainless steel set is unobtrusive and as an added bonus, even comes with an extra tablespoon—just in case one gets misplaced.

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Click ‘n Cook Modular Spatula

Click ‘n Cook Modular Spatula

Having the right tool for the job is an essential aspect of cooking. One look in most any kitchen drawer will confirm as much; they are often cluttered with a horde of cooking implements. One option for keeping long-handled pieces out where they can be easily reached is the old-fashioned crock jar. For some, that unorganized look just won’t do, but there is another solution.

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For A Twist, Here’s A Rabbit Whisk

Kikkerland Rabbit Silicone Whisks, 2-Piece Set

A whisk is certainly a handy little utensil to have floating about the kitchen. From scrambled eggs to whipped cream, it does its job easily and efficiently. That doesn’t mean the design cannot be improved upon. With bunnies, for example.

The Kikkerland Rabbit Silicone Whisks, 2-Piece Set is a whimsical upgrade to a kitchen essential. Both the 8-inch and 11-inch whisks in the set feature red and white silicone construction complete with a molded rabbit silhouette worked into the design. And if rabbits aren’t your thing, they are also available in Squirrel and Bird varieties.

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You Drink Your Milkshake, I’ll Eat Your Steak

Steven Raichlen Telescoping Fork

Sure, a fork with a long handle is useful at the grill for keeping hands away from the heat, but it also has a hidden, much more insidious use. The Steven Raichlen Telescoping Fork extends from 17.5-inches to 28-inches and is certainly designed for grill use, but when put into action, it offers users the distinct ability to grab at whatever is on the nearest plate.

Your steak a bit over done? Extend-o-fork! Got stuck with macaroni salad when you really wanted potato salad? Extend-o-fork! Too many veggies on the plate? Extend-o-fork the other way! Now, everything is within reach. Better get to practicing those diversionary techniques, because at $12.95, the fork pays for itself after only one use.

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Crinkle Knife Makes Everything Taste Better

Zig Zag Crinkle Fruit & Vegetable Knife

You can’t really go wrong with a good crinkle-cut. Whether it is used for potatoes or carrots, the wavy texture lends another dimension of flavor. Perhaps they should make all food crinkle-cut, but until that time comes, we’ll just have to make do on our own. The Zig Zag Crinkle Fruit & Vegetable Knife is a start. Useful for creating fancy cuts on veggies, fruits and cheeses, the zig zag knife makes it easy to prepare flavorful foods using the same familiar motion as one would with a regular knife. Except this one just makes the food taste better.

***UPDATE 9/22/13***
The link above no longer works, so here is a new link to a Progressus Zig Zag Knife instead. Cheap, effective and the 5-star ratings love it. Crinkle on!

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