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Hoot! Hoot! Tag Nesting Owl Measuring Cups

Tag Nesting Owl Measuring Cups With Lid

Owls are so wise. What other animals know how to measure ingredients? (Well, besides these similarly-styled Nesting Pig Measuring Cups.) With the Tag Nesting Owl Measuring Cups With Lid there’s no need to look around the kitchen for a helper — just ask the owls!

The set of five measuring cups nest inside each other for storage and are made of hand-painted earthenware complete with embossed detail. A word to the wise (harhar): That big guy in the back is a cookie jar, sold separately.

Check ’em out:

Tag Owl Cookie Jar

Tag Owl-Shaped Appetizer Plate (Set of 4)

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Fish Palm Tree Measuring Spoons

Crosby & Taylor Fish Measuring Spoon with Pewter Palm Tree Post

Whoever said fish doesn’t grow on trees was wrong. (I’m sure somebody, somewhere once may have said that. Maybe.) All it takes is one quick look at the Crosby & Taylor Fish Measuring Spoon with Pewter Palm Tree Post to put that fallacy to rest. Clearly, fish do grow on trees. Especially when they are both made of pewter.

Perhaps the product description says it best:

For those who love palm trees and fish, this set is a perfect combination of the practical and the innovative.

Palm trees and fish. Together at last!

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Nesting Pig Measuring Cups And Cannister Set Too

Del Rey 5-pc. This Lil' Piggy Pink Measuring Cups

It may seem like babushkas have cornered the nesting measuring cups market, but there does happen to be a porkier alternative. The Del Rey 5-pc. This Lil’ Piggy Pink Measuring Cups Set features ceramic construction and cute-as-can-be styling. They ( even gave the li’l piggy a name: Bakin’. Mmmm, Bacon…

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July 11, 2012   5 Comments

Take Me To Your Beater

Kikkerland Robot Measuring Cups

You can’t bake a cake without breaking a few eggs, or so the saying goes. If these Kikkerland Robot Measuring Cups are involved hopefully that’s all that breaks. Consisting of four measuring cups–1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 full cup–the robot may look like it disassembles into a friendly kitchen helper, but it might be best to keep a box of cake mix on hand just in case.

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Wine-Trax Keeps Track Of Your Wine Drinking

Wine-Trax, the measuring wine glass, set of 2

Discreetly etched with markings delineating the 4-ounce, 6-ounce and 8-ounce levels, Wine-Trax, the measuring wine glass, would certainly help some keep track of how much wine they (or their significant others) were drinking. For the rest of us, all we need to know is that when filled to the to the top one glass will hold 11-ounces. And then, we don’t really need to know that either, now do we? Salud!

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Cupcake Measuring Spoons Also Make Muffins Maybe

Cupcake Shaped Measuring Spoons Pink Baking Tool Gadget

I would say this cupcake thing has gotten far out of control, but I doubt many would agree with me; there is no denying that cupcakes are portable and delicious. They probably don’t use these Cupcake Shaped Measuring Spoons down at the cupcake store in the mall near you, but then again, they just might. In any event, the set of four overly-cute cupcake-themed prep tools can be used for whatever you decide to bake. Probably.

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