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Better Building Of Measuring Spoons

Foldable Measuring Spoons at Sur La Table

Measuring spoons. Handy little devices–when you can find the one you are looking for. Even the ones that come attached to a plastic ring tend to get separated and subsequently lost. Forget building a better mousetrap, at least when it comes to baking essentials, it’s all about corralling those measuring spoons.

This set of Foldable Measuring Spoons at Sur La Table would do nicely. Including four of the more commonly used measurements of ¼ tsp., ½ tsp., 1 tsp. and 1 Tbsp, the one you are looking for is always at hand. Assuming, of course, you don’t misplace the entire set. For $3.95, maybe picking up an extra set isn’t a bad idea.

***UPDATE 5/12/2014***

Looks like the folding measuring spoons from the link above got lost. Luckily that isn’t the only place to get measuring spoons that don’t wander off. Check out the Talisman Designs Flip’n Good Measuring Spoon available on Amazon in a variety of colors.

Talisman Designs Flip'n Good Measuring Spoon

March 3, 2010   1 Comment

Let them grab cake

The Magisso Cake Server, designed by Maria Kivijärvi.

Designed by Maria Kivijärvi, the Magisso Cake Server is an elegant option for slicing and serving cake. Cut from a single piece of mirrored stainless steel, the utensil acts both as a knife and as a spatula. Sliding the implement through cake, and then squeezing it shut accomplishes service in one easy motion. Seeing it in action is a bit like imagining what it would be like to simply reach out and grab at a slice of cake—except this way you won’t ruin the cake for everybody else.

The Magisso Cake Server

The Magisso Cake Server with Cake

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Spachello saves cream cheese packaging

Spachello Slice & Spread

I hate messing up multiple utensils in the kitchen, especially when it comes to making something simple like a sandwich or a bagel. It is just too tempting to use a serrated knife to spread mayo, peanut butter or cream cheese. I have torn many a package of cream cheese into shreds trying to use a sharp knife to dig out the spread for my bagel. It’s a lesson I seem to refuse to learn. Now, I don’t have to; the Spachello Slice & Spread combines a cutting and spreading knife into one. Perfect for people like me who go out of their way to minimize utensil use, the Spachello is the best thing for sandwiches (and tear-prone packaging) since sliced bread.

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Reusable chopsticks snap apart forever

Stickpecker by MicroWorks

First there was PuchiPuchi, the endless bubble wrap-popping gadget, and then there came Mugen Peri Peri, for those that can’t get enough opening of shipping envelopes. Now, there is Stickpecker by MicroWorks. However, unlike those two aforementioned toys, this gadget is useful. A small magnet holds the chopsticks together, necessitating that the soon-to-be diner pulls them apart. The action is meant to be reminiscent of the separating of wooden takeout chopsticks. A clever woodpecker design reminds us all that wooden chopsticks do in fact come from trees. Nice job, MicroWorks.

(Via Serious Eats)

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Get over your fear of chopsticks with Choplery


If you tend to purposely overlook chopsticks and instead gravitate immediately towards the cutlery, Choplery can help. In this chopsticks meets Western-style utensil mash-up, the question of which to reach for is removed by combining both into one. Snapping apart like all good takeout chopsticks do, the hybrid flatware designed by Peter Pracilio serves to appeal to diners no matter where they are from. Now, Western diners who have not yet tamed the fearsome chopstick can stop stabbing at their sweet and sour pork and opt gracefully instead for the more familiar knife, fork and spoon set up.

(Via InventorSpot)

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Not your Italian grandmother’s pasta server

Buona Server! from Fred & Friends

What’s the best thing to serve with pasta with? Why pasta, of course! The Buona Server! from Fred & Friends is a beechwood serving spoon complete with toothed edge and draining holes to better scoop out the pasta. What makes this pasta spoon unique, however, is that it is literally a pasta spoon. The silicone spaghetti padding at the end of the handle not only gives a comfortable-as-spaghetti grip, but also makes for an attractive serving device at the table. Your Italian grandmother would be so proud.

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