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Everything Evolves, Even Utensils

Calamente Pasta Fork

Well I always thought it would be primates that rise up against humanity à la Planet of the Apes, but apparently it’s our very own tableware that is set to evolve.

The Calamente Pasta Fork highlights the vanguard of this evolution as it features, along with the customary and familiar tines, an additional thumb—which hopefully is not (yet) opposable. Available for $43 for a set of two (naturally), the specialized utensil is designed to make noodle-twirling easier. Being an equal-evolution kind a guy it’s an advancement I’m all for. That first bite might be kind of awkward, but I think we as a society are ready for it.

Planet of the Apes -- The Kiss

Calamete features:

* 2 pieces
* Material: Stainless steel
* Size: 185 x 30mm
* Weight: 37g.

(Via Hurricane Vanessa)

Calamente Pasta Fork

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