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Pizzaghetti In A Cup

A sloche is like a slushy. The frozen drink is available at Couche-Tard convenience marts. They have announced a new flavor just in time for summer. Pizzaghetti. Pizza. Spaghetti. Together at last in a cup.

Voici la publicité de la Sloche Pizzaghetti, disponible dans tous les dépanneurs Couche-Tard du Québec.
Cet été, vivez d’amour et d’eau frette avec Pizzaghetti !
Om nom nom nom !

Here advertise the Sloche Pizzaghetti available in all Couche-Tard of Quebec.
This summer, experience love and shrink with water Pizzaghetti!
Om nom nom nom!

However, a little more digging uncovered this sad bit of info from Wikipedia:

Actual flavor of the “Pizza” half is strawberry, and the “Ghetti” half is kiwi.

Darn it.

(Via Incredible Things)

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Stick A Fork Into The Riddle Of Spaghetti Serving Size

Epicurean Pasta Fork

It is famously difficult to judge the serving size of pasta in a pre-cooked state. The conundrum, delicious as though it may be, is easily solved with a little help from a measuring guide. The Epicurean Gourmet Series Pasta Server Utensil helps to determine serving size of dry spaghetti, linguine or fettuccini by offering three pre-measured guides incorporated directly into the utensil. Put to use as a stirrer and serving spoon while the pasta cooks, and the handy kitchen tool is one all-in-one solution that won’t stretch your noodle.

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Okay, Spaghetti-Baby, Just You Go Ahead And Try It

First Years Meal Mates Toddler Suction Bowl With Lid by Learning Curve

Okay kid, so you wanna dump that bowl of spaghetti over your head, do ya? Just go ahead and try it! Your little muscles aren’t developed enough to even move the First Years Meal Mates Toddler Suction Bowl With Lid by Learning Curve. And that bowl of Cheerios you were planning on throwing on the floor? Ain’t gonna happen. Take that, tyke. Wait, stop that. You can’t do that. Just because the bowl is secured to your high chair doesn’t mean you can take the food out and throw it. Oh, I see. Apparently it does. Damn, outsmarted by a baby, again.

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Snapshots of spaghetti

Joseph Joseph Spaghetti Measure

Looking very much like a camera iris diaphragm, the Joseph Joseph Spaghetti Measure doesn’t measure f-stops, but spaghetti servings instead. The kitchen gadget answers the age-old question of how much spaghetti to make by providing a simple guide. Determine 1-4 servings simply by placing uncooked spaghetti through the aperture and moving the lever accordingly. Finally, another reason to think of cameras and spaghetti in the same thought without involving a baby, a bowl and a whole lotta mess.

Oh, what the hay, just one.

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Not your Italian grandmother’s pasta server

Buona Server! from Fred & Friends

What’s the best thing to serve with pasta with? Why pasta, of course! The Buona Server! from Fred & Friends is a beechwood serving spoon complete with toothed edge and draining holes to better scoop out the pasta. What makes this pasta spoon unique, however, is that it is literally a pasta spoon. The silicone spaghetti padding at the end of the handle not only gives a comfortable-as-spaghetti grip, but also makes for an attractive serving device at the table. Your Italian grandmother would be so proud.

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