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Campanelli’s Cooking Buddy Cleans Up Nice

Campanelli's Cooking Buddy - Professional Grade All-In-One Pot Holder, Hand Towel, Lid Grip, Tool Caddy, and Trivet.

Things move fast in the kitchen. It’s easy to reach out and grab the wrong thing when cooking up a storm. Of course, this includes hot cookware, but there is another threat lurking when the cooking is fast and furious: The Mess.

Having a hand towel nearby while cooking is essential. Having one that also does duty as pot holder is twice as nice. The Campanelli Cooking Buddy (available in three different colors) is an over-the-shoulder cooking accessory that looks to keep the cooking action smooth.

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Cast Iron Owl Trivet

Cast Iron Trivet - Owl (Unique, Hand-crafted, Recycled; for Kitchen and Cooking) by Comfify

Who thinks trivets come in handy? This Cast Iron Owl Trivet certainly does. And since owls have that preternatural ability to turn their head almost all the way around, who better than an owl to look out for your kitchen counters? The apple, fish, heart and ship helm trivets must be jealous.

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Magnetic Trivet Sticks Whether You Like It Or Not

Staub Round Magnetic Trivet

Everybody loves the magic of magnets, especially when they are miraculously embedded in a beechwood trivet. But when this Staub Round Magnetic Trivet arrives at the table, there is no need to revert to primate behavior and start throwing stuff: it’s just one of man’s own creations.

Available in two diameters, 6.5-inches and 9-inches, the handy trivets stick to cast iron and–don’t be surprised–other magnetic cookware, allowing for hot pots and pans to be used directly at the table. So everyone can set down for dinner and have a peaceful meal with no worries of leaving any marks. Unless your name is Tila Tequila.

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Trivet Expands Into The Third Dimension

Danesco Natural Living Bamboo Rooster Collapsible Fruit Basket

In a perfect world all things would be capable of handling multiple tasks. The Danesco Natural Living Bamboo Rooster Collapsible Fruit Basket is proof that we are moving forward. Sure, there are phones that can unlock cars, change the TV channel and (occasionally) make a call, but when you got a flat trivet expanding into the third dimension, then you are on to something.

Product Features:

* Collapsible Fruit Basket, 10.1 by 11.6 by 8-inch / 25.7 by 29-1/2 by 20-1/2cm (opened)
* Rooster shaped, spiral-cut fruit basket designed with a unique folding feature
* Collapses flat to be used as a handy trivet on table or countertop
* Ideal to display fruit, breads, potpourri and more
* Made of bamboo sourced from sustainable forests

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Magma Hot Plate Keeps Its Cool

Magma Hot Plate

One aspect of preparing a meal that always requires some coordination is the capability to keep hot food, well, hot. After the juggling act is completed, and all the elements of a dish survive hot and ready to be served, there is one last thing to consider: seconds.

Reaching across the table and grabbing a second pork chop is made much more enjoyable if that chop is hot. But if you’re going to keep a hot serving platter on hand while dining, a trivet of some sort is necessary to protect the table. Might as well make it one that helps to keep food at a serving temperature. With a 2-3 minute spin in the microwave, the Magma Hot Plate absorbs enough heat to be kept at the table as a warming device. A heat-resistant base protects tabletops, making this hot plate/trivet combination an easy choice for doing double duty at the dining table.

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