Popcorn Cartons for best supporting actor

Popcorn Cartons

You got the widescreen HDTV. You got the surround sound. You got the movie butter flavor popcorn. You got everything you need to simulate the movie experience right in your own home. And then you serve popcorn…in a bowl???

Well, nobody can really blame you, I suppose. It’s not like everybody knows where to pick up a proper serving device for movie night popcorn. Until now. These Popcorn Cartons are the final accessory needed to complete your own personal movie theater. Each colorful container holds two cups of popped popcorn, so everybody can get comfy on the couch with their own carton.

Short of having an insider at your local Cineplex, this might be the best way to stock up on cartons for that authentic popcorn experience. Now all you need to do is install a big giant red curtain to drape over your TV.

UPDATE 7/9/12: Sold out at the link above, but no worries! Like a never-ending stream of sequels, there is no shortage of popcorn boxes and cartons out there!

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