Bodum Neon Green Grill Costs A Lot Of Green Too

Bodum Electric Indoor Table Grill and Griddle

For one hundred and forty dollars, you too can pick up the Bodum Electric Indoor Table Grill and Griddle, Green. Now granted, the fact that it features a reversible plate is certainly useful, but for that price it sure would be nice to use both features at once if desired. A simple modification on the part of Bodum could have two cooking plates for example. If one would be able to use both plates at once–as a grill, a griddle or split half and half–it might justify the price a bit more. Just sayin’–as are the reviewers on Amazon.

Product Description:
There’s just something about cooking right there on the dining table together with all the guests. It certainly creates more of a communal feeling than when the host is stuck in the kitchen while the guests are having a good time in the living room. This versatile electric table grill is more like two grills in one. The even side of the grill is perfect for pancakes, crepes and bacon. The wavy side cooks meats, fish and vegetables to perfection. It is so easy to switch between surfaces since the grill and griddle plate is one solid piece- just pick it up and flip it over to change sides. Both surfaces are made from non-stick coated aluminum, the handles from heat-resistant plastics. The table grill can be set to six temperatures, and it comes with a double-end heat-resistant spatula-one for each grilling surface. The powerful 1500 to 1800-watt heating element heats evenly and makes grilling a breeze. Whether your are making steaks, grilled cheese sandwiches, or pancakes, the large surface leaves plenty of room for cooking. The grill itself, as well as the drip pan underneath it is dishwasher safe. With the electric grill being perfect for cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner-why even own a stove, is the only remaining question. Available in black, red, green and orange.

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