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Stick A Knife In This Mezzaluna

Totally Bamboo Geo Mezzaluna Cutting Board And Knife Combination

A mezzaluna is a nice and neat way to chop herbs or other small items. The concave cutting board keeps chopped goodies in place while one simply rocks a rounded knife over them. It’s efficient and practical—until it comes time to store the knife.

The Totally Bamboo Geo Mezzaluna Cutting Board And Knife Combination features on-board storage for the oddly-shaped knife. Tucking away directly into the body of the board, the mezzaluna offers an easy and safe way to keep the handy cutlery at the ready. Plus its Moso bamboo construction is ecologically sound. Measures 10-inches by 10-inches and stands 1-inch tall.

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Trivet Expands Into The Third Dimension

Danesco Natural Living Bamboo Rooster Collapsible Fruit Basket

In a perfect world all things would be capable of handling multiple tasks. The Danesco Natural Living Bamboo Rooster Collapsible Fruit Basket is proof that we are moving forward. Sure, there are phones that can unlock cars, change the TV channel and (occasionally) make a call, but when you got a flat trivet expanding into the third dimension, then you are on to something.

Product Features:

* Collapsible Fruit Basket, 10.1 by 11.6 by 8-inch / 25.7 by 29-1/2 by 20-1/2cm (opened)
* Rooster shaped, spiral-cut fruit basket designed with a unique folding feature
* Collapses flat to be used as a handy trivet on table or countertop
* Ideal to display fruit, breads, potpourri and more
* Made of bamboo sourced from sustainable forests

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Open Up To Bamboo In The Kitchen

Natural Home Decor Bamboo Can Opener

Bamboo has been invading the kitchen for years; the growing trend has seen an increase in everything from utensils to flooring. This has been a good thing, as bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to hardwoods and plastics: it grows quickly without pesticides making it an attractive option, both for its visual appeal as well as for its environmental impact.

The Natural Home Decor Bamboo Can Opener keeps the bamboo trend growing by replacing plastics with the sustainable plant. Using bamboo for the grip and the handle, the can opener offers a distinctive style for the kitchen. Even the metal parts are made from recycled stainless-steel. It may be responsible to use this can opener, but what you use it to open, however, is another story.

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Finally, a chance for Bread People to lead a normal life

Swissmar Bamboo Crumb Catching Board w/Bread Knife

It goes without saying that Bread People eat a lot of bread. Which also goes to say, they have a lot of crumbs in their homes. As all this bread-eating usually outpaces bread-cleaning, all those crumbs pile up. Just like you don’t clean the crumb tray out of your toaster after every use, Bread People don’t clean away the crumbs after slicing into a loaf; it’s just going to get all crumby again at the next meal. I know all this, because I am a Bread Person.

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Bamboo filter holder clears up the morning

RSVP International Bamboo Coffee Cone Filter Holder

Coffee making in the morning needs to be as simple as can be. What later in the day is easy to accomplish is not so when just out of bed. Even eliminating one step in the coffee-making ritual can keep morning mishaps at bay. The path of destruction caused by stumbling from the freezer for the coffee and then to the faucet for water, and then to the cupboard for the box of filters can be reduced by simply leaving the filters out by the coffeemaker.

However those little filter boxes can be ugly, all open and hanging out like that. Pass on the cardboard decoration and move on up to wood. The RSVP International Bamboo Coffee Cone Filter Holder is small, made from an eco-friendly material, and streamlines those foggy mornings. At $9.99 it’s a small price to pay for a little morning clarity.

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