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Cast Iron Owl Trivet

Cast Iron Trivet - Owl (Unique, Hand-crafted, Recycled; for Kitchen and Cooking) by Comfify

Who thinks trivets come in handy? This Cast Iron Owl Trivet certainly does. And since owls have that preternatural ability to turn their head almost all the way around, who better than an owl to look out for your kitchen counters? The apple, fish, heart and ship helm trivets must be jealous.

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Made In America Cast Iron Cooking Skillets

Made in America skillets

Each state has its own regional cuisine: Texas has its Tex-mex, Massachusetts has its lobster rolls and California has its, well, California cuisine. Put it all together and what do you get? A nice, big tapestry of flavors. A cast-iron tapestry that is.

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Lodge Enamel 11-Inch Skillet

Lodge Enamel 11-inch Skillet

There isn’t much kitchen gear that only requires a single purchase; things break, wear out or just become obsolete. However, when it comes to cast iron cookware, that sentiment is thrown out the window. The Lodge Enamel 11-Inch Skillet is a highly durable piece of cookware that will help to create many a meal. And it will probably last longer than that Hot Dog Factory you may have been thinking about.

Product Description:

With high sides and heat-retentive qualities of cast iron, the Lodge 11″ enamel skillet is perfect to deep fry, bake, broil or marinate. This revolutionary cast-iron cookware features black porcelain enamel interior, ensuring easy release of food and mess-free cleanup. No seasoning required. This enameled cookware has the superior heat conductivity to fry, braise, saute or deglaze and produce exceptional results. Adds golden-crisp texture to rolls, casseroles and desserts. Preferred for durability and low maintenance, the even-heating base, side walls and solid weight of cast iron seals in moistness to create health meals with country-style homemade flavor.

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Retrosink: Drinking (On The Way) To The Moon

Rocket Beer Bottle Opener Vintage Space Ship Antique Cast Iron

If this Rocket Beer Bottle Opener Vintage Space Ship Antique Cast Iron is as cool looking in real life as its descriptive name would lead one to believe, then for $16.49 it seems like a great deal. I mean, just look at all those words.

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Small cast iron pan for single serving meals

Cast Iron Sandwich Pan

Sometimes smaller is better. If you have a size-challenged kitchen and a penchant for hot grilled sandwiches (or items of similar size), lugging out the big old fry pan can be a chore. The Cast Iron Sandwich Pan is ideal for cooking up single serve meals and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Having a small pan on the side can certainly be convenient. For a single egg or perhaps sautéing some veggies, the small size makes it easy to work with and best of all, there’s less to clean up.

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