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Never Waste A Zombie Again

Zombie Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion

Aside from the moral considerations, wasting food is a terrible way to stretch your food dollar. What with the price of zombies going up all the time, one cannot afford to not harvest every single drop. Not to mention all the hard work it requires to prepare a zombie. Luckily there are suppliers willing to do the dirty work for you.

Zombie Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion
—along with prepackaged zombie meat—is part of a complete balanced breakfast, lunch or dinner (especially dinner). Packaged in a convenient 100-ml size, the portable protein combines with iron and electrolytes to give you all the energy you need for hunting down your next meal—or for making the trip to the local grocery to pick up some more zombie. The choice is yours, but either way remember: waste not, want not.

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Star Wars: Now In Pancake (And Cookie) Form

Star Wars™ Pancake Molds

If Star Wars and the NFL ever got together to make a baby, we’d all be doomed. The marketing machines behind both license-happy organizations would soon take over the world, branding everything from cookies to pancake molds. Oh, wait, it’s been done.

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In Zombiefied Japan, You Eat The Zombies

Zombie Jerky

Zombies never go out of style. Luckily, when salted just right, they never spoil either. Then again, since they’re already dead, they are already pretty much spoiled, but apparently zombies taste good in that condition. In any event, when in Japan you can pick up a bag of Zombie Jerky for about $4.50 (399 yen) and find out.

Via Pink Tentacle. Be sure to click the link to check it out in all its blue, “graveyard aged” perfection.

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Lazy Susan To Assist You On Your Burger Quest

Hamburger Condiment Lazy Susan

As every burger connoisseur knows, there are exactly five and only five* condiments that should be put on each and every hamburger. Any more than this magical combination and the burger balance would get all thrown out of whack, any less and the burger will never be truly complete, leaving the burger-eater yearning for what may have been. Naturally, these exact five condiments are …

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Lost In Time With A Programmable Fork

Cuisinart Programmable Digital Temperature Fork

Forks, by and large, are easy to operate, so by that thinking they must be due for a makeover. As fork-users have had it far too easy for far too long, it’s about time they were presented with something of a challenge.

Designed for use on the grill as a thermometer and a timer, the Cuisinart Programmable Digital Temperature Fork takes the guesswork out of grilling meats, poultry and seafood. (Assuming of course one has learned how to use it.) Set the temperature or desired doneness level and let the timer do all the heavy lifting. (Of numbers, that its—the fork still has to do the real lifting.) As for the forkophobes technophobes out there, used to the blinking 12:00 lifestyle, the fork may have a timer, but a clock is not incorporated!

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Okay, Spaghetti-Baby, Just You Go Ahead And Try It

First Years Meal Mates Toddler Suction Bowl With Lid by Learning Curve

Okay kid, so you wanna dump that bowl of spaghetti over your head, do ya? Just go ahead and try it! Your little muscles aren’t developed enough to even move the First Years Meal Mates Toddler Suction Bowl With Lid by Learning Curve. And that bowl of Cheerios you were planning on throwing on the floor? Ain’t gonna happen. Take that, tyke. Wait, stop that. You can’t do that. Just because the bowl is secured to your high chair doesn’t mean you can take the food out and throw it. Oh, I see. Apparently it does. Damn, outsmarted by a baby, again.

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