Serving On A Cool Tray

Serving chilled food on a hot tray isn’t the best way to keep the party going. Unless of course, it’s an eat-as-fast-as-you-can party. But for the rest of us, when it’s time to slow down and chill with some chilled food the Cool Tray can come in handy. The serving platter comes with an inner… Continue reading Serving On A Cool Tray

Serving Crackers On Their Own Tray

Crackers often get overlooked. Special attention is always paid to the cheese or the spread, but when it comes to the delivery vehicle–the cracker–more often than not they get tossed onto a plate as an afterthought. Even saltines deserve better. The Wilton Armetale Reggae Cracker Tray elevates the lowly cracker on up to the level… Continue reading Serving Crackers On Their Own Tray

Snacking That Ends In A Draw

Perhaps more so than any other game, tic-tac-toe ends up as a draw. However, when using the Tic-Tac-Toe Plate don’t expect snacks to go unfinished. Featuring square and circle one-ounce indentations (the circles won) the ceramic platter makes for a unique serving device—or at least one where everybody can end up a winner.