Lazy Susan To Assist You On Your Burger Quest

Hamburger Condiment Lazy Susan

As every burger connoisseur knows, there are exactly five and only five* condiments that should be put on each and every hamburger. Any more than this magical combination and the burger balance would get all thrown out of whack, any less and the burger will never be truly complete, leaving the burger-eater yearning for what may have been. Naturally, these exact five condiments are …

… a well kept secret. But don’t let that stop you from trying to discover them on your own.

The Hamburger Condiment Lazy Susan is the perfect accessory to complement your quest for condiment domination. Featuring four colorful containers, as well as a secret compartment hidden inside the hamburger centerpiece itself, the spinning serving device supplies all of the necessary tools to make your quest enjoyable and delicious.

*I kid, of course—everyone knows there are six.

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