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Pizza Box Oven For Delivery On The Kitchen Counter

CuiZen PIZ-4012 Pizza Box Oven

The kitchen counter is used for many things. Sure, cooking and prep work occurs there on a daily basis, but it also becomes a platform for other things. No, not various kitchen tasks like emptying out the junk drawer or putting things in jars (both noble pursuits). The kitchen counter happens to be a great place to put that delivery pizza box. Now, since the pizza box’s natural environment is the kitchen countertop, it only makes sense to make it a permanent home.

The CuiZen PIZ-4012 Pizza Box Oven is a lidded pizza oven with a cooking platter that rotates. Designed for pizzas up to 12 inches, the simple to use countertop appliance features a timer and temperature control. It makes so much sense to find such an item at home on the kitchen countertop it may be tempting to buy two. However, try to resist the temptation; they probably don’t stack too well.

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Chef’n FreshForce Orange Juicer

Chef'n FreshForce Orange Juicer

Rooting around the kitchen junk drawer looking for the wrong tool for the right job is a habit that isn’t too difficult to break; hearing “don’t force it” can eventually sink the message home. Especially when “forcing it” results in a few too many messy situations.

Staring at the lemon and lime squeezer one too many times can lead one’s thoughts to what else it can be used for. Well, the Chef’n FreshForce Orange Juicer is here to say, “don’t force it.” The clever contraption picks up where the smaller citrus squeezer leaves off. With a larger hopper, the kitchen gadget is designed to handle juicing sliced oranges. Oh, and according to the product description it is “great for lemons, limes and small grapefruits too.”

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Click ‘n Cook Modular Spatula

Click ‘n Cook Modular Spatula

Having the right tool for the job is an essential aspect of cooking. One look in most any kitchen drawer will confirm as much; they are often cluttered with a horde of cooking implements. One option for keeping long-handled pieces out where they can be easily reached is the old-fashioned crock jar. For some, that unorganized look just won’t do, but there is another solution.

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Prepara Masher Flips For Easy Storage

Prepara Flip Masher

Kitchen clutter has a way of getting into everything. From food products that get shuffled to the back of the pantry, to countertops populated with gadgets and gizmos, kitchens everywhere suffer from the ever-burning question of where to store it all.

The Prepara Flip Masher won’t clean out the junk drawer for you, but it can at least be made thin enough to slide into it. With a mashing head that rotates 90 degrees when the sides are pressed in, the utensil transforms from a bulky, odd-shaped kitchen tool, to one that is easily stored. Sometimes it’s the small victories that count, and at a cost of $19.95, this one has a price to match.

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Better Building Of Measuring Spoons

Foldable Measuring Spoons at Sur La Table

Measuring spoons. Handy little devices–when you can find the one you are looking for. Even the ones that come attached to a plastic ring tend to get separated and subsequently lost. Forget building a better mousetrap, at least when it comes to baking essentials, it’s all about corralling those measuring spoons.

This set of Foldable Measuring Spoons at Sur La Table would do nicely. Including four of the more commonly used measurements of ¼ tsp., ½ tsp., 1 tsp. and 1 Tbsp, the one you are looking for is always at hand. Assuming, of course, you don’t misplace the entire set. For $3.95, maybe picking up an extra set isn’t a bad idea.

***UPDATE 5/12/2014***

Looks like the folding measuring spoons from the link above got lost. Luckily that isn’t the only place to get measuring spoons that don’t wander off. Check out the Talisman Designs Flip’n Good Measuring Spoon available on Amazon in a variety of colors.

Talisman Designs Flip'n Good Measuring Spoon

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Grate and slice with a mandoline


Kitchen gadgets are easy to accumulate: they are fun, encourage you to cook and make excellent gifts. One measure as to the usefulness of any kitchen gadget is how many degrees separate it from being a unitasker. Any device meant to do one thing is just going to end up cluttering up the junk drawer. If a gizmo can do two things, great. Three things, even better. But four? Hey. I’m on board.

Okay, this Zyliss 4-In-1 Multi Slicer/Grater might be pushing it, as almost any grater will at least offer the choice between fine and course, but not as many can handle slicing too. If you got a mandoline hanging out in your kitchen, there’s a good chance it doesn’t do any grating (although many do). Likewise for your grater, the slicer portion can be woefully inadequate. With the added bonus of a finger guard, this grater-meets-mandoline makes for a fine addition into the collection of kitchen gadgets designed to do more than one thing.

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