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The Watermelon Keg Kit

The Watermelon Keg Kit by Final Touch

Watermelons. It’s not like the big, funny-looking fruit needs any more help to amuse us, but still, it doesn’t hurt to try. Especially if our amusement involves enjoying a tall, cool one.

Fill it with wine, fill it with booze, fill it with soda; The Watermelon Keg Kit plays no favorites. And when the watermelon tap turns into a party-pleasing fun drink dispenser, don’t forget to bust it out again in the fall when everything tastes like pumpkin anyway.

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Fruit Chute Organizes Oranges

RSVP Fruit Chute

Fruit on the loose no more. The RSVP Fruit Chute not only keeps oranges organized, but does so with elegant chromed steel style. Perfect for those that like to keep an eye on their oranges (and know what order they are going to eat them in).

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Orange Peelers

Set of 4 Round Orange Peelers, a Simple and Practical Way to Peel Oranges

These Orange Peelers may not have a catchy name, but they do look to be handy little pieces to have about the kitchen. Considering the amount of words that rhyme with orange, it’s probably a good thing the designers stopped where they did instead of trying to come up with a too-cute clever name. Might have ended up with something like Porange Eelers! Actually… Nah. In any event, product features below.

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Dial Up Ripe Watermelons With Melon Meter

Melon Meter By Let There Be Light Innovations

Watermelon fans of the world rejoice! The Melon Meter lets iPhone users find ripe melons with their phone. Place the mic on the melon and give it a knock. The app analyzes the sound’s “decay signature” to determine ripeness. All sorts of juicy details follow below…

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V8 Goes Energy

V8 Energy Shots are a naturally powered shot of 100 percent vegetable and fruit juices combined with green tea extract, which provides natural caffeine comparable to an 8-ounce cup of the leading premium coffee. They are available at participating convenience stores, supermarkets and drugstores in Colorado, Florida and Minnesota.

The popularity of those little 5-Hour Energy drinks unsurprisingly has inspired the makers of V8 to throw their hat into the energy shot ring. Also launching is the larger-sized V8 V-Fusion + Energy. Read on for details.

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Could’ve Had A V8–But Which One?

Campbell Soup Company, the maker of V8(R) juices, will help make it even easier for people to increase their daily vegetable servings with the introduction of two new varieties of its V8 V-Fusion(R) vegetable and fruit juice: Concord Grape Raspberry and Concord Grape Raspberry Light

Even after all these years, do you still occasionally feel like you ‘could’ve had a V8’? It’s a classic advertising campaign that millions are familiar with. However, modern times require a bit more sophistication in communication and Campbell’s, makers of the vegetable and fruit juice blend, have done so by creating two new flavors to speak to more palates. The two new varieties of V8 V-Fusion vegetable and fruit juice are: Concord Grape Raspberry and Concord Grape Raspberry Light. See what Campbell Soup Company has to say about it after the jump.

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