Retrosink: Potato pancakes with an old-timey grater

vintage grater

Lately I’ve had potatoes on the brain. A recent trip to Barney Greengrass led to some delicious latkes (which always has a ripple effect), while in San Francisco I just discovered a recipe book that called for potato pancakes to be made with Swiss and cream cheese. Sacrilege? Maybe. But delicious too. The amazing potato goes well in so many recipes; you can’t really go wrong. So in honor of this potato obsession, today I find it necessary to show off a potato-related kitchen gadget. Since we are talking about the Old Country (take your pick), it seemed appropriate for a Retrosink post. Hence we have the Mouli Parsmint “Creation Moulin-Lecumes” grater.

The rather frightening looking grater operates on a rather benign principle. Put your potato (or other food) in the hoper and turn the handle. The teeth of the grater do the rest. It’s interesting to note that there are still lots of cool-looking (and working!) kitchen gadgets out there. This one went for just over 5 bucks. Seems like a good bargain for grating up some old-timey potato pancakes.

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