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Hot Chocolate Made The Old School Way

Molinillo and Cinnamon Chocolate

From Wikipedia:

A Molinillo is a traditional Mexican turned wood whisk. Its use is principally for the preparation of hot beverages such as hot chocolate, atole and champurrado. The molinillo is held between the palms and rotated by rubbing the palms together, this rotation creates the froth in the drink. This process is the subject of a popular children’s nursery rhyme in Mexico.

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February 17, 2011   1 Comment

Shine A Light On Wine Grapes

Grapevine Desk And Table Touch Lamp by Collections Etc

For thirty bucks, it’s doubtful that those grapes are made of glass, but wouldn’t it be cool if they were? Actually, this Grapevine Desk And Table Touch Lamp is still kinda cool. And besides, after drinking a few glasses of wine, you won’t have to worry so much about knocking it over.

February 9, 2011   7 Comments

Mix Up That Sausage And Cheese Gift Box

You know the one. Hickory something or the other. Terrible sausages stuffed into a gift pack. So tempting, yet rarely satisfying. The Hunters Reserve Wild Game Sausage and Cheese Gift Box may or may not hit the spot, but at least your intended giftee won’t try to foist it upon someone else. Although, since it is summer sausage it should be good ’til next year…

December 17, 2010   No Comments

Portable Grill With Case (For Storage It Would Seem)

Lugging a grill to the park, beach or game requires effort–effort well worth it, but effort nonetheless. As this is a well-known fact, options exist for easy grill transport. The Picnic Time Caliente Portable BBQ Grill and Cooler is a simple little contraption designed to facilitate in getting the grill from here to there. Or, considering the weather, the convenient carrying tote that doubles as a water-resistant cooler would make for an excellent storage device.

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One Egg At A Time

Sometimes all you want is one egg. Even the fast food joints haven’t (yet…?) invented the Double Egg McMuffin. There’s a reason Mother Nature made the egg a perfectly reasonable single sized serving. I don’t know what that reason would be as you can’t really make an omelet out of just one egg, but so be it; sometimes one egg at a time is OK.

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Click ‘n Cook Modular Spatula

Click ‘n Cook Modular Spatula

Having the right tool for the job is an essential aspect of cooking. One look in most any kitchen drawer will confirm as much; they are often cluttered with a horde of cooking implements. One option for keeping long-handled pieces out where they can be easily reached is the old-fashioned crock jar. For some, that unorganized look just won’t do, but there is another solution.

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