Vintage Coffee Kitchen Collectibles Figurines

Coffee in the morning is an essential part of waking up. Or, one could just take a quick glance at any of these Vintage Coffee Kitchen Collectibles Figurines By Collections Etc. The set is comprised of coffee related accessories and all of these polyresin figures have crazy smiles on their faces. Not sure what they… Continue reading Vintage Coffee Kitchen Collectibles Figurines

Cow Timer Keeps Time

Cows don’t seem to be particularly well-suited for keeping time, but hey, maybe they are. At least in the kitchen. In any event, the Country Cow Kitchen Timer is willing to give it a go. At least for up to 59-minutes, but beware: that could mean anything in cow-time.

Shine A Light On Wine Grapes

For thirty bucks, it’s doubtful that those grapes are made of glass, but wouldn’t it be cool if they were? Actually, this Grapevine Desk And Table Touch Lamp is still kinda cool. And besides, after drinking a few glasses of wine, you won’t have to worry so much about knocking it over.

Cups Of Coffee Not For The Road

Drive-thru coffee stands may be one of the greatest inventions of mankind, but sometimes you just want to slow down and enjoy the caffeinated beverage–while looking at cups of coffee on the wall, of course. These Coffee Cup Stickers might not provide much of a kick, but at least they won’t distract you while driving.… Continue reading Cups Of Coffee Not For The Road