Toas-Tite Grill

Were hot pocket sandwiches better back in the 40s? Most likely they were, even though they didn’t have microwaves. Strike that. Especially because they didn’t have microwaves. Instead, they apparently used the Toas-Tite Grill to whip up a quick and hot filled sandwich. Just clamp and hold over an open flame (like a gas burner)… Continue reading Toas-Tite Grill

Rosle Beer Can Chicken Roaster

For some reason, beer cans do not come with handles. Not only would a handle be useful while imbibing, but also when making beer can chicken. Understanding this dilemma, the Rosle Beer Can Chicken Roaster incorporates a handle where before there was none. As for beer can drinking, well, just hold on tight. (Or use… Continue reading Rosle Beer Can Chicken Roaster

Herbs On The Wall With Wooly Pocket

Any cook who has ever picked up a fry pan has thought about starting an herb garden. Unfortunately, that dream doesn’t always grow into a reality. The most common of excuses also happens to be the most difficult to overcome: lack of space. If you’re climbing the walls over the high cost of herbs at… Continue reading Herbs On The Wall With Wooly Pocket

Beer Can Chicken Without (Or With) The Beer

Just because Beer Can Chicken is traditionally made with a beer can, doesn’t mean it has to be that way. In fact, it doesn’t even require a can at all. Using the Beer Can Chicken Kit one can add whatever liquid they feel like into the roaster. Set it on the grill and moist–truly original–chicken… Continue reading Beer Can Chicken Without (Or With) The Beer

Used Cookware As Art

There is no doubt that cuisine can at times transport one to another place, but that place doesn’t necessarily have to be terrestrial. Proof can be seen in Christopher Jonassen’s book, Devour. What may look like a faraway world is in fact something else quite down to earth: pots and/or pans. Cookware may only last… Continue reading Used Cookware As Art