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Happy Love Day

DCI Heart Whisk with Silicone Coated Wires

Look! Even kitchen whisks wanna get in on the love.

Product Description
Made with Love. Silicone coated heart shaped wires gradating from pink to red. Measures 3.75 x 11.5-inches.


Not only does DCI make this DCI Heart Whisk with Silicone Coated Wires, but they also make a whole bunch of other heart-shaped kitchen gadgets and utensils. Blecch! I mean, awww…

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Hot Chocolate Made The Old School Way

Molinillo and Cinnamon Chocolate

From Wikipedia:

A Molinillo is a traditional Mexican turned wood whisk. Its use is principally for the preparation of hot beverages such as hot chocolate, atole and champurrado. The molinillo is held between the palms and rotated by rubbing the palms together, this rotation creates the froth in the drink. This process is the subject of a popular children’s nursery rhyme in Mexico.

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February 17, 2011   1 Comment

A Whisk That Mashes And Mixes

Progressive International Whisk It

Every day kitchen gadgets get pressed into service for tasks that they have no business performing. However, as seemingly a good idea that it may be to stretch the utility of any particular kitchen tool, more often than not the results are underwhelming—and then the tool that was meant to be used gets up being used anyways…

Saving time (and frustration) in the kitchen, the Progressive International Whisk It is a multitasker that is meant to be. Designed to be used for mixing, mashing and whisking, the unique handheld kitchen gadget makes it easy to get the job done right—the first time.

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For A Twist, Here’s A Rabbit Whisk

Kikkerland Rabbit Silicone Whisks, 2-Piece Set

A whisk is certainly a handy little utensil to have floating about the kitchen. From scrambled eggs to whipped cream, it does its job easily and efficiently. That doesn’t mean the design cannot be improved upon. With bunnies, for example.

The Kikkerland Rabbit Silicone Whisks, 2-Piece Set is a whimsical upgrade to a kitchen essential. Both the 8-inch and 11-inch whisks in the set feature red and white silicone construction complete with a molded rabbit silhouette worked into the design. And if rabbits aren’t your thing, they are also available in Squirrel and Bird varieties.

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