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Star Wars R2-D2 Can Coolers

Beer Coozie: Star Wars R2-D2 Can Coolers

How to ruin a Star Wars joke: Oh, there’s my R2-D2 Can Cooler. I was looking for that. But no worries, Star Wars and beer fans, this is the can coozie you were looking for. Or is it a koozie? No matter, the beer droid you were looking for is here.

Of course, it goes much better with lunch from the Thermos Novelty Lunch Kit, Star Wars R2D2 with Lights and Sound that you made with the Exclusive Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set – Limited Edition. And that’s no joke.

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No Ice Wine Bottle Chiller

Wine Enthusiast Double Walled Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller

Who knows what lurks in the murky depth of the ice bucket? You do! At least you will after picking up the Wine Enthusiast Double Walled Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller.

Instead of a slowly melting mess, hiding at the bottom of the ice bucket, there will be nothing but clean, crisp air. No ice, no muss and no fuss. Just pre-chill the bottle and the acrylic cooler will keep it from warming up.

All you’ve got to worry about is knowing the wine label will be soon through those double walls — therefore, not recommended for Two (and-a-half, now) Buck Chuck!

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Roll In The Fourth

Rolling Outdoor Patio Deck Party Cooler 65 Quart Capacity

With the sound of exploding fireworks still reverberating in our collective heads, it’s time to get back to work. Better not look in the backyard then. The landscape of empties leftover from the Fourth of July backyard BBQ might not look so appealing. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if one could roll away the bottles and cans with the same enthusiasm they were originally brought out to the backyard to begin with. The Rolling Outdoor Patio Deck Party Cooler might be able to help. With a 65-quart capacity the rolling cooler has room enough for 100 cans of beer (or soda, I suppose). Perfect for restocking and rolling back in the house to help celebrate the Fifth of July.

***UPDATE 10/1/13*** The link above has been changed from (sold out) to amazon (in stock!) Keep the party rolling!

Patio Pool Deck Beverage Ice Cooler 65 Quart Solid Steel Box Home Party Rolling

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Portable Grill With Case (For Storage It Would Seem)

Lugging a grill to the park, beach or game requires effort–effort well worth it, but effort nonetheless. As this is a well-known fact, options exist for easy grill transport. The Picnic Time Caliente Portable BBQ Grill and Cooler is a simple little contraption designed to facilitate in getting the grill from here to there. Or, considering the weather, the convenient carrying tote that doubles as a water-resistant cooler would make for an excellent storage device.

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Floating Cooler: Never Get Out Of The Pool Again

Big Bobber Floating Beverage Cooler

Summer is in high gear as is the rush to cool down. Last one into the pool may be a rotten egg, but the last one out of the pool most certainly is not. Especially when there is no call to ever leave it.

The Big Bobber Floating Beverage Cooler holds up to a twelve-pack and floats conveniently next to you in the pool. Need a cool down? Just reach over and crack open another beer or soda. Toss the empty to the side, and you’ll never have to leave the pool again. Unless of course they got that purple stuff in the water…

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Watermelon Cooler Leaves Square Melons In The Dirt

Joybond Watermelon Cooler Marugoto Tamachan

It’s no secret that the Japanese have some sort of unearthly fascination with watermelons. After all, it’s hard to imagine any other culture developing the square watermelon (cucumbers too). Perhaps the Joybond Watermelon Cooler (Marugoto Tamachan) is some sort of apology to watermelon-kind. Apparently designed as a luxury transport for (round) watermelons, the portable cooler could be yours for only about $230. Next up, a jet-pack attachment so they can be sent into space. Just kidding. (Maybe.)

(Via Slippery Brick)

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