Your Freezer Still Wants You To Think Of Ice

Covered Ice Cube Tray

Yes, it’s cold out there, but inside where it is nice and warm one major kitchen appliance has ice in the brain. (Or at least the upper compartment.) With the distance between the freezer and the water faucet (or the filter pitcher) being directly proportional to the amount of water that ends up on the floor, consideration for the lowly ice tray isn’t such a bad idea.

Falling under the category of Clever Gadgets That Should Have Been Invented Long Ago, the Covered Ice Cube Tray solves this problem. With a snap-on lid and a hinged opening, the simple kitchen gadget simplifies the common routine of making ice. Considering the cold freeze in the air, and a nation gripped by cabin fever, now is not the time to turn your kitchen floor into a swimming pool—or then again, maybe it is.

In any event it’s a far cry from how they used to make them.

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