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Everyday Teakettle Looks Good On The Stovetop

Demeyere Teakettle

Countertop appliances and kitchen gadgets usually get put away after use. Not because they may look funky: while design is constantly in flux, the issue is usually available space. Yet, some everyday kitchen tools allow for perfect placement without a second thought. Topping that list might just be the teakettle. It looks at home when left out in the stovetop, and the easy functionality is always within hand’s reach. As long as you’re going to leave the teakettle out, it might as well look good too.

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Safe To Touch After Handling: Chili Grinder

Alessi Piccantino Chilli Cruncher designed by Jim Hannon-Tan

Nuclear-hot red chili peppers add a decisive kick to what could be an otherwise boring meal. However it’s exactly the fact that they are so damn hot that can make them too hot to handle. Literally. Releasing endorphins is great and all, but it doesn’t count if they’re triggered via hot pepper in the eye. The same volatile oil that can make eating hot pepper so enjoyable, is the same one that can stick to the fingers and end up in the most unwelcome of places.

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Assert Your Dominance Over Cheese

Acacia Box Cheese Grater

Blocks of cheese getting you down? Wouldn’t you rather see that solid, imposing block transformed into something more useful and ready to eat? Like shredded cheese, of course; shredded cheese for which to top everything.

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Olive Oil And Vinegar Sitting In A Tree

Vintage Chic Vinegar and Oil Dispenser w/ Pour Spouts & Metal Stand

Olive oil and vinegar may come in some of the more attractive packaging that inhabit our supermarket shelves, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon by eliminating it all together (after it gets home from the store, that is). If scooping handfuls of olive oil from a baggie isn’t your thing, you’re gonna need a serving device to store your salad dressings in.

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Coffee The Way It Was Meant To Be

Bodum Double-Walled French Press

Ground coffee in hot water. It’s a simple concept, but the world wouldn’t be the same without it. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, it’s hard to underestimate the impact of the little caffeinated bean that could. While many different brewing methods have evolved, perhaps there is none better than the simplest one: ground coffee in hot water.

Yes, it’s worth repeating: ground coffee in hot water. Using a press pot brings this method to the table. Literally. Just add grounds and hot water and let it steep. How long is entirely up to the coffee drinker and makes for unparalleled control over the resulting brew. For less than $50, the Bodum Double-Walled French Press offers an excellent option for home brewing. Featuring double-walled construction, the tempered glass offers not only a time-tested way to brew your brew, but also a way to keep it warm at the table.

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When Ice Cream Is On A Waffle…

The Smart Planet Original Waffle Cone Factory

When is a waffle maker not a waffle maker? When it’s a waffle cone maker. The Smart Planet Original Waffle Cone Factory produces thin waffles that are perfect for rolling up into cones (a cone-form is included). Similar to how pizza on a bagel magically allows for pizza to be eaten anytime, ice cream on a waffle means you can eat ice cream anytime. (Or would it be waffles anytime? Either way it is win/win.)

If you find it hard to justify owning a waffle maker that only produces waffle cones, just consider that it could also be used to make waffles for ice cream sandwiches See? Not a unitasker!

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