Assert Your Dominance Over Cheese

Acacia Box Cheese Grater

Blocks of cheese getting you down? Wouldn’t you rather see that solid, imposing block transformed into something more useful and ready to eat? Like shredded cheese, of course; shredded cheese for which to top everything.

Even if you aren’t a cheese lover, chances are somebody else at the table is. When it comes to serving freshly-shredded cheese there are but two choices: shred it before it hits the table, or let the eaters shred it themselves. For the latter, you could use the same everyday grater that you use in the kitchen, or you could include your guests in on the action with an impressive serving device.

The Acacia Box Cheese Grater features a handsome wood presentation (no two are exactly the same) along with two interchangeable stainless-steel grates. The slide-out drawer captures the cheese, or diners could simply grate over their own individual plates. Inspired by a decades-old Italian hard-cheese grater, the design not only looks good at the table, but also gives diners that primal satisfaction that only comes from obliterating a block of cheese. (As long as they don’t eat the whole thing by themselves.)

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