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Bodum Neon Green Grill Costs A Lot Of Green Too

Bodum Electric Indoor Table Grill and Griddle

For one hundred and forty dollars, you too can pick up the Bodum Electric Indoor Table Grill and Griddle, Green. Now granted, the fact that it features a reversible plate is certainly useful, but for that price it sure would be nice to use both features at once if desired. A simple modification on the part of Bodum could have two cooking plates for example. If one would be able to use both plates at once–as a grill, a griddle or split half and half–it might justify the price a bit more. Just sayin’–as are the reviewers on Amazon.

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Caffeine Any Color You Want It

Bodum French Press 3-Cup Coffeemaker with Locking Lid

Waking up bright and early isn’t everybody’s idea of a good time, but when presented with a pot of freshly brewed coffee, anybody could find reason to smile. Especially when the coffee comes in such a brightly colored vessel.

It’s hard not to like the Bodum Bean French Press Coffeemaker with Locking Lever Lid, 3-Cup (12-Ounce). It comes in red, green, blue, purple, yellow or black, all made in that distinctive Bodum style. For around $25, it’s a surefire way to brighten your day–and the coffee doesn’t hurt either.

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Coffee The Way It Was Meant To Be

Bodum Double-Walled French Press

Ground coffee in hot water. It’s a simple concept, but the world wouldn’t be the same without it. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, it’s hard to underestimate the impact of the little caffeinated bean that could. While many different brewing methods have evolved, perhaps there is none better than the simplest one: ground coffee in hot water.

Yes, it’s worth repeating: ground coffee in hot water. Using a press pot brings this method to the table. Literally. Just add grounds and hot water and let it steep. How long is entirely up to the coffee drinker and makes for unparalleled control over the resulting brew. For less than $50, the Bodum Double-Walled French Press offers an excellent option for home brewing. Featuring double-walled construction, the tempered glass offers not only a time-tested way to brew your brew, but also a way to keep it warm at the table.

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Slotless Toaster proves there is a tool for every job

The Slotless Toaster by Bodum at Hammacher Schlemmer

Bagels need to be toasted. This is a fact. Many toasters do not accommodate bagels and other larger bread items. This too, is a fact. Therefore, there is a need for a tool to accomplish the toasting of bagels and the like. Luckily, Hammacher Schlemmer and Bodum have made available The Slotless Toaster.

The heated flatbed surface provides 700-watts of pure toasting power. Just like a regular toaster, preferred level of doneness can be set via an easy to use knob, and an included crumb tray catches…crumbs.

Bagels, croissants, Texas toast and baguettes have finally found a toasty home with this specialized appliance. Now excuse me, as I have to go get my lunch out of my ultra-convenient, multiple-use, toaster oven. Don’t forget to flip your toast.

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Frothed milk made easy

Bodum Mousse Electric Frother

Sometimes the best meal is the one you make for yourself. Same thing goes for coffee. A cup of coffee freshly made from a French press is a wonderful thing. However, sometimes you want a little bit more than just a plain cup of coffee. Well, no need to run to the corner coffee shop, you can still make your own.

The Bodum Mousse Electric Frother is a simple to use battery-operated device designed to whip up froth and foam for your coffee drinks. It comes with a microwave-safe borosilicate glass carafe, so no worries about cold milk. Whether you prefer a cappuccino or a latte, your favorite coffee drinks are a whole lot closer with this little frother.

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One cup of coffee at a time

Bodum Bistro Mug Press

For those that absolutely must have freshly-made hot coffee, here is the Bodum Bistro Mug Press. With the inclusion of a grooved lip, it is designed to rest directly on the rim of your personal coffee mug. Fill with your favorite ground coffee, let it steep and press down when ready. The result is a cup of piping hot coffee, (almost) ready to drink.

Like a French press, except on a small scale, the Mug Press is sure to create a delicious cup of coffee precisely to your liking. However, the lack of a carafe strikes me as unsettling. I don’t like running out of coffee, and I don’t know many coffee drinkers who do. I’ll stick to the French Press and the comforting thought of a refill just being a pour away.

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