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Grater Owl Not Lesser

Grater Blue Owl by JVS

Ginger and garlic go together like peas in a pod. Or, better yet, they go together like owls and Tootsie Pops. Which through a convenient leap of logic brings us to the Ceramic Blue Owl Grater. Designed for grating garlic and ginger (and Tootsie Pops as well for the adventurous), the handy Mr. Owl is an invaluable piece of kitchen gear for the wise.

Bonus owl fun:

Adult Tootsie Roll Owl Costume

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One Hundred And Seventy Six Potatoes Per Hour

Dom itp Electric Potato Grater

That would be 176 pounds of potatoes per hour to be exact. Pounds per hour doing what you ask? Grating of course. That’s a lot of grated potatoes. Sold by European household importers, Dom itp, the Elektryczna Maszynka do Ziemniaków (that would be Electric Potato Grater to you and me) is U.S. power ready.

Product Features

* Grates 176 lbs of potatoes in 1 hour
* Ideal for any cuisine that includes potatoes
* Easy to clean & wash, and dishwasher safe
* Comes with 1 year warranty

Product Description
The electric potato grater is a dream appliance for anyone who loves potatoes. Grate all the potatoes you want with ease and precision to a past-like state. If you make latkes, kugel, meat dumpings, or potato pancakes then you’ll love this appliance.

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Gangster Grater Not Just For Swiss Cheese

Gangster Grater from DCI Gifts

Bearing a striking resemblance to a certain 1934 Ford Model 730 Deluxe Sedan, the Gangster Grater from DCI Gifts can make any cheese look like Swiss cheese. No, it won’t put holes in your cheese, but it will reduce any block of cheese to shreds in mere minutes. With no fear of any law enforcement planning an ambush.

Product Description:
This Gangster Grater is a clever cheese grater that is shaped like a gangster car with bullet holes! Made with stainless steel and rubber edges, this unique cheese grater also works as a measuring device for single serving spaghetti meals. Simply insert spaghetti rod into the tire for a perfect measurement. Add some excitement to your next meal with this gangster cheese grater! Hand Wash only.

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Assert Your Dominance Over Cheese

Acacia Box Cheese Grater

Blocks of cheese getting you down? Wouldn’t you rather see that solid, imposing block transformed into something more useful and ready to eat? Like shredded cheese, of course; shredded cheese for which to top everything.

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Nub-friendly grating

Microplane 3-Piece Grater Set

Cheese nubs (and other small items) can be treacherous to grate. They are hard to get a grip on, and when you do wrangle them in, they eventually get too worn down to grasp. The Microplane 3-Piece Grater Set makes it easy to work with such items. The set includes an Extra Coarse Grater and a Medium Ribbon Grater, while the slider attachment saves fingers from all those hard-to-control items. If not for your fingers, perhaps for those that belong to whom you love; it is officially gift season after all. And all this time you thought it was the day after Thanksgiving.

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Retrosink: Potato pancakes with an old-timey grater

vintage grater

Lately I’ve had potatoes on the brain. A recent trip to Barney Greengrass led to some delicious latkes (which always has a ripple effect), while in San Francisco I just discovered a recipe book that called for potato pancakes to be made with Swiss and cream cheese. Sacrilege? Maybe. But delicious too. The amazing potato goes well in so many recipes; you can’t really go wrong. So in honor of this potato obsession, today I find it necessary to show off a potato-related kitchen gadget. Since we are talking about the Old Country (take your pick), it seemed appropriate for a Retrosink post. Hence we have the Mouli Parsmint “Creation Moulin-Lecumes” grater.

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