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Assert Your Dominance Over Cheese

Acacia Box Cheese Grater

Blocks of cheese getting you down? Wouldn’t you rather see that solid, imposing block transformed into something more useful and ready to eat? Like shredded cheese, of course; shredded cheese for which to top everything.

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Mushrooms you want growing in your kitchen


Mushrooms may be delicious, but you don’t necessarily want them growing out of your kitchen cabinets. Not to worry though, because rather than a troubling sign of massive renovations to come, these mushrooms are meant to be welcomed into your house. Available in four different variations measuring up to 11.5-inches in length, these Roost Carved Wooden Mushrooms add an organic earthiness to your kitchen décor without ruining the woodwork.

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Practical and distinctive Carved Wood Bottle Openers (affordable too!)

Carved Wood Bottle Openers by Roost

Every kitchen has one, but that doesn’t mean anybody knows where it is. Bottle openers tend to get misplaced quite often. Small and portable, not only do they get carried from room to room, but they also blend in with the surroundings. It’s quite easy to overlook a bottle opener casually set down on a cluttered table.

These Carved Wood Bottle Openers by Roost are a bit easier to track down. With the elegant design and distinctive features, they are as displayable as they are practical. Each opener has the brass fitting placed in a strategic location. Check out the ‘feet’ of the owl, or the ‘teeth’ of the shark for clever examples.

Inspired by an antique find these bottle openers are surprisingly affordable, priced around $20.00 each. Seven styles are available: Bull, Shark, Duck, Owl, Apple, Elephant, and Snake.

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The best of ham, the best of ham holders


In case you are in the market for a fifteen-pound, $1400 ham, you better act fast as they are going up in price at the end of next month. A new 100% tariff imposed by the USDA will effectively double the price for all imported Spanish Iberico hams. Delicious beyond compare, the hams have a unique, nutty flavor due to their free-range acorn diet. A Spanish delicacy for years, the hams were only recently introduced to the US.

The pinnacle of ham achievement would not be complete without a serving device priced to suit. The Supreme Hardwood Ham Holder with Swivel Grip is “the world’s finest jamonero”. Constructed from dense Sapeli hardwood and heavy gauge stainless steel, the ham holder forms a solid base upon which to fasten your prized ham. The inclusion of a “gyro-clamp” (complete with carved acorn handle) allows for the ham to be turned for easy access to precision slicing. Hand crafted by the Pantaleon family, the jamonero will set you back $995.

Out of your price range? The good news is, you can taste this delicious ham at an affordable price. It’s definitely a treat, but the ham is available in (carefully weighed) small quantities.

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