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Dirty Dishes Dangling In The Wind Sounds Good

Dishware Wind Chime

One of the dangers of ordering things off the internet sight unseen is you never really know exactly what is going to be in that package when it arrives on your doorstep. Sometimes you open the box only to be sorely disappointed. It could be because of size or construction quality, or the worst one, where we end up saying, ‘well, I could have just made that myself.’

In the case of the Dishware Wind Chime you know exactly what you’re going to get. It’s a buncha dishes tied together made to rattle around in the wind. Sure you could make this one yourself, but then you’d be hung out to dry (literally) at dinnertime. Besides, who wants to raid their cupboard for a mismatched place setting when you could just order one? (Item #32264)

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Make Your Own Nutrition Facts

Perfect Portions Digital Scale + Nutrition Facts Display

The serving size we see on everyday food products is rarely never an actual serving size. Five crackers is hardly a serving size. (Maybe if stacked high and layered with peanut butter.) Of course, the reason food companies do this is to make it seem like we are eating less calories, but we all know they’re not fooling anybody. When it comes to actually trying to keep track of what we are consuming, those familiar little Nutrition Facts labels are of little help.

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Popcorn On The Stovetop—And Not That Puffy Foil Bag You May Be Thinking Of

Nordic Ware Grill Popcorn Popper, Model 06100

Tired of microwave popcorn? Air-popped got you down? Store-bought pre-popped not an option? Don’t worry, there is another way. Step back in time, and do it the old-fashioned way: on the stovetop.

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The Coffee Mug That Bites Back

Megawing Teeth Mug

It’s not exactly the first thing I would want to be greeted with in the morning, but as long as there is coffee involved, I think I could embrace this Megawing Teeth Mug. The hand-carved ceramic mug features a healthy overbite (or would that be an underbite?) and is sure to bring a smile to your face. Unless of course, there’s decaf in that cup, in which case those pearly whites will be greeted with bared fangs.

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Bird Juicer Flies In The Face Of Convention

Dr. Bird Juicer from imm Living

Juicers tend to be underappreciated. Sure, they supply us with the means to produce freshly squeezed juice from oranges and other ingredients, but they rarely get a second thought. Considering that the juice reamer is almost always the same half-sphere design with ridged edges and it’s not too surprising. Change the shape of the business end of the juicer and suddenly it gets noticed.

The Dr. Bird Juicer from imm Living does just that. With a hummingbird design, the 3-inch tall juicer stands out amongst other juicers. Utilizing the beak and ruffled feathers of the bird to facilitate juicing, the juicer offers a fresh and fun design that is useful too. Designed by Lesley Look Hong, the fun little kitchen gadget would make a nice gift for anybody—even the person who has everything.

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Spin And Dip

B. Smith Lazy Susan with Serving Bowls Set

Everybody loves dip; not everybody loves everything that goes with it. Carrots and cauliflower pieces are often passed by for a pretzel stick or some kind of chip. In the end, salty and starchy wins over healthy and natural. However all that reaching over the veggies is sure to cause some sort of guilt trip. Better to just spin them out of the way altogether.

The B. Smith Lazy Susan with Serving Bowls Set features a revolving base allowing for the best snacks to always be within reach. The four porcelain serving bowls each hold 11-ounces, while the top large bowl hold 21-ounces. The bowls are all microwave, oven and dishwasher safe so clean up and prep is a breeze. A small tea light in the center helps to keep the dip warm, no matter how many broccoli florets get passed by.

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