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Fresh-From-The-Oven Ice Cream?

Tillamook Sticky Bun Ice Cream.

Well, not really. But fresh-from-the-oven flavor? Yup. Tillamook Sticky Bun Ice Cream is hitting (freezer) shelves across the Pacific Northwest. Do not try this at home. Check out the press release, including other ‘hot’ flavors, after the jump.

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Still Scream For Ice Cream

Deni Automatic Ice Cream Maker with Candy Crusher

There’s still time; summer is not quite over. Sure, time for fun in the sun may be dwindling, but there is at least one outdoor activity that can always be available indoors. Ice cream.

The Deni Automatic Ice Cream Maker With Candy Crusher keeps the season going any time of year. Featuring the ability to make up to a 1.5-quart batch in as little as half an hour, the countertop ice cream machine even incorporates a crusher that dispenses cookies or candy directly into the ice cream. Available now at an affordable end-of-season price, catch it now before it melts away like summer.

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When Ice Cream Is On A Waffle…

The Smart Planet Original Waffle Cone Factory

When is a waffle maker not a waffle maker? When it’s a waffle cone maker. The Smart Planet Original Waffle Cone Factory produces thin waffles that are perfect for rolling up into cones (a cone-form is included). Similar to how pizza on a bagel magically allows for pizza to be eaten anytime, ice cream on a waffle means you can eat ice cream anytime. (Or would it be waffles anytime? Either way it is win/win.)

If you find it hard to justify owning a waffle maker that only produces waffle cones, just consider that it could also be used to make waffles for ice cream sandwiches See? Not a unitasker!

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Your favorite toppings mixed right into your ice cream

Cuisinart Mix It In Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker

Hey, you like ice cream, doncha? And you like toppings on your ice cream right? Sure you do – whether they be jimmies or sprinkles these little extras add crunch and texture to ice cream dishes. But wouldn’t those toppings be better mixed in with the ice cream?

The Cuisinart Mix It In Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker is specifically designed to add to the ice cream experience. The 1.5-quart capacity maker is capable of creating soft ice cream, yogurt, sorbet or sherbet. When ready, up to three toppings can be selected to dispense along with the ice cream. The end result is a delicious frozen treat, with toppings throughout.

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Brownies: No longer just for squares

Wilton Brownie Cup Pan

The Wilton Brownie Cup Pan takes brownie baking to a new level. Instead of using a regular 8-inch square pan, add a little fun (as if brownies needed more fun) to your brownie mix by baking them into handy cups. Fill with ice cream or frosting for a truly special treat. The nonstick steel pan produces six 3.5-inch brownie cups per batch. Although the indentation is an inch and a half deep, how high you stack your brownie is entirely up to you.

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The loneliest gadget: The Ice Cream Cone Holder

Chef’s Choice Ice Cream Cone Holder

Here’s a kitchen gadget that just won’t get much use. Oh sure, you’ll try to use it, but chances are it will simply sit unused on the counter top. However, if you think you can make ice cream cones faster than they can grab ‘em, then by all means check out the Chef’s Choice Ice Cream Cone Holder.

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